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East Fork Cultivars CBD Available at Townshend’s Tea Company

East Fork and Townshends
Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to have several medical benefits and the naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in both cannabis and hemp has recently been approved to treat epilepsy thru GW Pharmaceutical’s Epidiolex. Oregon is home to a true industry leader in CBD-rich products in East Fork Cultivars.
East Fork has been producing CBD-heavy hemp and cannabis since its founding in 2015, meeting CBD Certified standards. East Fork has helped infuse dozens of product lines including Luminous Botanicals, Peak Extracts, Grön Chocolate, Empower BodyCare, Echo Electuary, Mirth Provisions, Pax Era and Quill, that are on the shelves in over 300 retail stores across the state. East Fork has just announced its most impressive partnership yet-with local tea and kombucha producer Townshend’s Tea Company.
Today, East Fork is launching its CBD Drops derived from organically grown hemp in Southern Oregon. The drops are water soluble, vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free. East Fork Cultivar’s CBD drops are now available as an add-on menu item at all Townshend’s Tea Company locations in the Portland area. Consumers will be able to enrich their tea, matcha, chai, or Brew Dr. Kombucha with sustainably-cultivated hemp CBD.

“Townshend’s Tea Company sprung from the idea that the various ways in which people enjoy great tea should be brought together under one roof, in a comfortable and inviting community-oriented space. Now people can have locally produced CBD at our teahouses,” says Townshend’s Tea Company Founder and CEO, Matt Thomas, stated in a press release.

“With CBD Drops, East Fork is taking a big leap forward in advancing our mission to provide more people a better quality of life, affordably. It’s a natural fit to partner with Townshend’s Tea Company, a leader in Oregon’s artisan and values-driven community. I’m personally jazzed to incorporate CBD into my Brew Dr. Kombucha obsession. It’s a match made in heaven,” says East Fork Co-Founder and President, Nathan Howard, remarked in a release.

East Fork’s Howard was kind enough to send me a Q & A that answered a lot of my questions about this exciting and unique partnership:
Did the tea and kombucha company actually help you develop the formula? What was it like figuring out how to adapt your flower into a totally new form?
  • We worked closely with Townshend’s and with the folks behind Müru, adapting their popular cannabis mixer line for a broader application using our premium hemp-derived CBD. We also collaborated with Townshend’s Tea and Brew Dr. Kombucha to fine-tune the flavor delivery mechanism, and to craft the way we talk about our CBD Drops, highlighting why the source of your CBD and other cannabis-derived therapeutics is so important. It’s been fun to dream up new ways for people to access the flower we grow.
Why did you choose a liquid mixer form like this, instead of a line of East fork infused teas or sodas, for example?
  • We created CBD Drops to be extremely accessible. It’s designed for everyone. It’s gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free and made with simple ingredients, but it’s also very adaptable in that it can be added to any beverage, or enjoyed by itself.
How would you compare the experience using these CBD drops compared to smoking a pre-roll of east fork flower?
  • We’ve put a ton of time into making CBD Drops fast-acting and bio-available. The CBD in our CBD Drops begins working in the mouth, but also passes through the digestive system, offering a two-pronged activation time. Depending on your metabolism, effects should begin to set in in as little as 10 to 20 minutes, with prolonged effects occurring after you’ve completed your beverage. While not as fast as smoking or vaping, the CBD Drops offer a nice middle-ground that’s faster acting than many edible CBD products.
Do you feel you’re serving the needs of certain customers who weren’t getting what they needed from your flower alone?
  • Yes! CBD Drops are designed to be accessible and affordable for everyone. Many people don’t want to smoke or vaporize but they’re still interested in consuming quality, locally and organically grown CBD to assist with overall health and wellness. 

I am so pleased for the good folks at East Fork and Townshend’s, two companies that have been doing business the right way. This partnership is a great match and marks yet another step in the mainstreaming of hemp and cannabis. Hopefully, this collaboration will be as successful as I think it will and we will see more and more companies embrace the hemp and cannabis industries.

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