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Disrupting the Industry: Merry Jane Covers ICBC Organizers

Alex Rogers Dean Arbit

Anyone that has attended marijuana conferences, along with the International Cannabis Business Conference knows that the ICBC is different. The ICBC combines business information, political insight, activism tips and cannabis culture together to create a unique experience for attendees. The trademark blend of all sectors of the cannabis industry and lifestyle is a big reason why many people continue to attend various ICBC events around the country and globe. Word of mouth is spreading around the world, and demand for the ICBC is so high, that more and more conferences are already planned for 2018 and beyond.

Whether it is bringing into the fold the future governor of California (and maybe president), Gavin Newsom, to Congressional Cannabis Caucus Founders Earl Blumenauer and Dana Rohrabacher to Hawaii representative (and maybe our future president) Tulsi Gabbard, along with movers and shakers from the industry and activist scene, the ICBC is continually seeking out crucial voices that can benefit attendees and keep our movement’s positive momentum. And whether it is the fact that cannabis comic Ngaio Bealum is often the MC or a cultural icon like Henry Rollins is keynoting to the fact that legendary comedians such as Tommy Chong or Doug Benson are gracing the stage, the ICBC keeps attendees engaged and entertained as well.

Merry Jane just featured the two lead organizers of the ICBC, Alex Rogers and Dean Arbit, for an illuminating interview that discusses the upcoming Kauai “cannabis destination” event, the mission of their business venture, the state of the cannabis industry, and what the future holds for the conference and the overall cannabis community. Here’s a snippet:

With the international conferences, you’ve set up shop in Berlin, San Francisco, Vancouver and now Hawaii…not exactly San Bernardino, California. Before we get into Hawaii specifically, what is so important about bringing the cannabis industry to world renowned destinations?

Rogers: I consider myself an international citizen. I’ve lived in many different countries and I speak many different languages, and to go to markets that are nascent and burgeoning has been incredible. We did get a little lucky in Germany with medical marijuana legalization turning right before our event, but by thinking globally we were the first to market in Europe as a B2B conference. My whole goal is to spread cannabis internationally.

Dean Arbit: On the business side of it, it made a ton of sense because we had all of these cannabis trailblazers in North America, and we were able to bring them to new consumer markets in Europe. It makes all the sense in the world.

Full disclosure: I work with Alex and Dean on the ICBC. But I wouldn’t just work with any marijuana business conference or venture. As a cannabis legalization activist my entire adult life, I can only work with businesses that keep in mind the foundations of our movement-keeping the cannabis community out of prison and taking care of patients in need. Alex and Dean, and everyone involved with the ICBC, understands the importance of staying true to our activist roots, and that shows and permeates through every event.

The International Cannabis Business Conference can help you make money, no doubt about it. The information gleamed, political knowledge and the amazing networking opportunities can take your business to the next level. But making money isn’t the only thing that the ICBC is about. Most importantly, the ICBC is about spreading leveling the playing field for everyone and ending prohibition state by state, nation by nation, until the cannabis community is truly free.

If you can make an upcoming event, you will leave more knowledgeable, energized and with more connections, ready to tackle any regulation and repeal any prohibitionist law. Join us in Kauai on December 1st, San Francisco on February 1st, or any of our upcoming events and you’ll understand the appeal of the International Cannabis Business Conference and how it is truly a one-of-a-kind, must attend cannabis event.


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