Berlin, Germany


22-23 SEPTEMBER 2022



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22-23 SEPTEMBER 2022


  • 10:00

    Cannabis Legalization Efforts In Europe

How will legalization in Germany impact efforts elsewhere on the continent?

Several countries in Europe are trending towards adult-use cannabis legalization, including and especially Germany. Once Germany launches adult-use sales it will instantly become home to the largest adult-use market on the planet and that will have a ripple effect throughout the continent. This presentation will discuss the current political cannabis reform trends in Europe and the potential impact on the Balkan region specifically.

  • 10:45

    Economic Benefits Of Regulating Cannabis

Harnessing the enormous economic potential of the emerging industry

The cannabis industry's economic benefits to local economies is considerable, as demonstrated by statistics from North America. North America's legal cannabis industry has already created roughly half a million jobs. Canada's legal cannabis industry alone has contributed over $43.5 billion to the nation’s GDP since late 2018. This panel will discuss the economic benefits of legalization including job creation, boosts to local economies, public revenue generation, as well as the instant public resource savings that are yielded when governments no longer enforce failed prohibition policies.

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    Embracing Cannabis Research

Unlocking the cannabis plant's full potential

The cannabis plant is arguably the most versatile plant on earth, possessing the ability to feed, clothe, house, and in some cases even heal humans. Due to decades of prohibition policies, cannabis research was greatly hindered. Fortunately, the spread of cannabis reform is removing barriers to cannabis research. This panel will discuss the importance of cannabis research, industry trends, and why the Balkan region is uniquely positioned to become an international cannabis research hub.

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  • 14:00

    Developing A Valuable Product

Finding your niche in the cannabis market

Cannabis is one of the rare products that is used by people from virtually every background on the planet. That can prove to be both a blessing and a curse in that there is a multitude of reasons why someone uses the cannabis plant. Products have to be specifically tailored to meet the differing demands that arise from the recreational, medical, and industrial sectors of the cannabis industry. Panelists will provide tips and insight into what is involved when creating an effective, profitable cannabis product.

  • 14:30

    Sustainable Cannabis Industry Strategies

How to incorporate sustainable practices into your cannabis venture

The cannabis industry is evolving at a rapid pace, however, there are already some industry regulations that are likely to remain constant, particularly when it comes to energy use and sustainability. As cannabis imports and exports rise across the globe, cannabis cultivation and sourcing models will continue to evolve and likely trend towards resembling those of other agriculture crops with a heavy focus on sun-grown cultivation practices. Panelists will discuss the environmental and business considerations that contribute to developing long-term cannabis sustainability strategies.

  • 15:00

    Medical Professionals And The Emerging Cannabis Industry

The need for doctors and nurses in the medical cannabis sector

The cannabis plant has long-served humanity as a source of medicine and wellness and a growing body of research is proving that cannabis possesses tremendous medical value. Medical professionals play a vital role in ensuring that suffering patients are using cannabis safely and effectively. Panelists will discuss the need for increased and ongoing cannabis education in the medical field, as well as the current hurdles that some medical professionals face when pursuing cannabis-based therapy recommendations.

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  • 15:45

    Reforming Balkan Cannabis Laws

What can Slovenia and other Balkan nations do now to implement sensible and effective cannabis policies?

Cannabis reform is spreading at an ever-increasing rate on the European continent. However, Slovenia and other nations in the Balkan region have been slower to adopt reform measures, including medical cannabis reform. Leading cannabis policy expert Cf. Dušan Nolimal, Ph.D. will discuss the current state of cannabis policies in Slovenia and the Balkan region, the necessary components of effective cannabis reform measures, and why Slovenia is uniquely positioned to become an international cannabis industry hub.

  • 16:15

    Raising Capital At The Global Level

Obtaining investments from international cannabis industry funders

Cannabis is an effective medicine, however, there is still a significant amount of negative stigma directed at the cannabis plant and patients that use it. Many doctors are reluctant to recommend medical cannabis to patients due to a lack of knowledge about cannabis. This presentation is dedicated to educating patients and medical professionals about the benefits of medical cannabis.


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