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Could The British Royals Jump Into The Cannabis Industry?

Buckingham Buckingham

With the news that the Church of England has changed its investments policy with regards to medical cannabis, Anglophiles must be wondering what comes next.

Could even the Queen, if not the Royal Family in general, become one of the best “cannabis brands” in the world?

The answer is, obviously, not only “could they” but further leads to the next obvious question – when will they? Especially as the Queen (or King) of England is the titular head of the church.

Further, expect this newest foray into “tradition-breaking” to come from a not-so-surprising source – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. For those unfamiliar with British Royal titles, that means Meghan and Harry – and not just because he had to go to a rehab clinic once for being caught with a joint by his dad – or because she handed out party gifts containing the same during marriage party number 1, and now has a cannabis strain named after her.

Cannabis will be big business for the Brits, no matter which way the country decides to go politically. In fact, it already has been. As it emerged last year, the UK, even before legalization of the medical kind, was the largest exporter of cannabinoids in the world. That this largesse flowed to one company, more or less (GW Pharmaceuticals) is about to change, and not just because Theresa May (whose husband owns the majority of shares in GW Pharma) is retreating into private life.

Beyond this one company based in the UK, however, are others now knocking on its doors to get in, and British entrepreneurs, including the best known family of them all, are looking at the opportunity from the ground. “The Firm” as it is known, has a range of investments all over the world.

Will there be cannabis farms on great estates in the UK? Inevitably, if there are not legitimizing grows already. It is perhaps the best opportunity for those with connections, capital, and land to make some major green.

But what about the royal ones?

Given the prominence of cannabis as an industry in so many countries in the British Commonwealth (Canada and Australia being two of the most obvious examples), it is unlikely that the Royal Family will sit out this discussion for much longer. Including domestically.

Even if they introduce the subject in a manner a bit less “California” than a cute picture of either of the Sussex Royals sharing a quiet, relaxing, parental break with a joint on the official insta.

Royal medical cookbook, anyone?

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