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Committee Approves Cannabis Regulation Measure In Colombia

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The cannabis industry is on the move at the global level, and there are few places on earth where that is as evident as in Colombia. The South American country is undergoing a transformation at a steady pace and taking its rightful spot as an international cannabis powerhouse.

So far, Colombia’s industry is based on the medical cannabis industry. Adult-use legalization is a tougher sell in Colombia due to stigma regarding the ongoing drug war, however, as we previously reported support for regulation is building among Colombia’s citizens.

Support for adult-use regulation is also increasing in political circles as well, as evidenced by a recent vote in Colombia. Per Infobae (translated to English):

This Wednesday, September 14, the First Committee of the House of Representatives approved, in the first debate, the constitutional reform project that seeks to regulate cannabis for adult use in Colombia. Juan Carlos Losada, representative to the Chamber of the Liberal Party, was the author of the project that seeks to become a law of the Republic.

The congressman celebrated this first step on his Twitter account. In the social network he assured that he will send a formal invitation to President Gustavo Petro so that the Government joins the discussion, “since he will be in charge of regulation.”

The successful committee vote is just one of the many hurdles that needs to be overcome in order for adult-use cannabis legalization to become a reality in Colombia. With that being said, it’s still cause for celebration, albeit tempered celebration.

To date the only countries that have legalized cannabis for adult-use at a national level beyond just low-THC cannabis are Uruguay, Canada, and Malta.