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CNN Money: Cannabis Stocks Hit All-Time Highs


First off, I must apologize, once again for the puns in the title, but it is hard to get away from using “high” when discussing cannabis stocks that are worth more than ever before. When it comes to “hit” I’m guilty as charged, as I could have used “reached” but that’s not as fun.

While I try my best to stay away from marijuana puns in my blogs, I feel that the mainstreaming of cannabis, makes it a bit safer to loosen up a little bit. We are no longer on the fringes as Wall Street analysts, major investors, and established media outlets are now recognizing that the cannabis industry is no laughing matter, unless you’re talking about some businesses laughing all the way to the bank. As CNN Money reported, the nearly $4 billion dollar investment by Constellation Brands into Canopy Growth has boosted cannabis stocks across the board:

Rival Cronos Group (CRON) has soared more than 40% in the past week, including an 11% pop Tuesday. Tilray (TLRY), another competitor that just went public on the Nasdaq last month, has skyrocketed more than 60% in the last five days. Tilray shares were up 10% alone on Tuesday.

Both companies, which are also based in Canada, have clearly attracted more interest after Constellation (STZ) took an increased stake in Canopy Growth. That deal, announced last week, led to a 30% surge in Canopy’s stock (CGC).

Investors are betting that Constellation, which owns Corona and other spirits and wine brands, may eventually launch cannabis-based beverages and other products.

There’s going to be some profit-sharing and volatility in the cannabis market and few investment sectors are at the whim of political developments, but the future growth of the cannabis industry overall seems unlikely to slow down in the near future. (Full disclosure: I own a few shares of Tilray stock and am pleased with its performance thus far.) While overregulation and competition are huge problems for individual businesses, especially small mom-and-pops (that we at the International Cannabis Business Conference are hoping to help out), well-capitalized companies are poised to bring in more revenue as there are only more markets to open after Canada officially legalizes cannabis commerce on October 17th. As always, do your due diligence, and certainly just don’t take my word for it, but it appears that investing in the burgeoning cannabis industry has the potential to have you seeing green* in more ways than one. (*Sorry, for another pun.)

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