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CBD Moves More Mainstream with Super Bowl In-Stadium Ads


Cannabis continues to move more and more mainstream, especially politically, with over 60% support and politicians from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump signaling support for federal legalization laws. Legally and culturally, we still have a ways to go, as CBS’ rejection of Acreage Holdings’ medical cannabis ad during the Super Bowl demonstrates. However, the cannabis community did take one step forward as CBD moved more into the mainstream with Baristas Coffee Company scoring (more points than the Patriots and Rams) with in-stadium ads promoting its EnrichaRoast CBD coffee.

The ads ran throughout the day in and around the stadium and featured a special offer to send a 120-character message to half-time performer Maroon 5. These Super Bowl in-stadium ads punctuate the progress of CBD, following in the footsteps of the passage of the federal FARM bill that legalized hemp and CBD. The International Cannabis Business Conference will have a lot to say about the present and future of CBD with a “Mainstreaming of CBD” panel in San Francisco this week (get your tickets while you can).

Baristas Coffee Company CEO Barry Henthorn stated in a press release, “Thank you to all that made this possible. It is an honor to be able to introduce a product that is as pivotal in the movement to natural health through CBD as Baristas “EnrichaRoast CBD” to the Super Bowl audience. This is not only a milestone for Baristas but also to the brotherhood of CBD companies foraging an industry with such potential, in a new category that has just recently been made federally legal.”

CBD is known to have a variety of medicinal benefits and former Super Bowl MVP Terrell Davis, a Hall of Fame running back, has invested in a CBD company as the cannabinoid helps ease inflammation in his joints. Some even utilize CBD to alleviate their alcohol hangovers, which millions of folks are probably suffering today after imbibing a bit at their Super Bowl parties. Now, if CBD could help erase my memory of one of the most boring Super Bowls of all-time, it would really be doing something.

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