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Luxembourg on Track Legalize by 2022

Written By: Marguerite Arnold Luxembourg Throws Down Gauntlet On European Cannabis Legalization Luxembourg is going to disrupt the European cannabis industry. This summer, Luxembourg ‘s Health Minister confirmed that the country is now moving even faster toward full cannabis legalization and plans to release its first draft of plans for legalization by the end of

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Step by Step, Switzerland Moves Closer to Legalizing Cannabis

Switzerland flag

Just as the European market could not get any more interesting, the Swiss Federal Commission for Addiction Issues has called for cannabis to be decriminalized and the market to finally be regulated. This recommendation comes on the heels of pharmacies kicking of a lobbying effort to dispense cannabis and a parliamentary proposal to start a

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First German Cannabis Cultivation Bids Announced!

The German medical cannabis system has been an innovative pioneer in a few respects, helping thousands of patients get access to tested medicinal cannabis that is covered by their insurance programs. However, regulatory burdens and the lack of domestic cultivation have hindered the program, increasing prices and decreasing the availability of strains and products. The

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The Green of the Irish Set to Supply the UK (and Beyond?)

Flag of Ireland

Irish GreenLight Medicines, a cannabis company based in Dublin and founded in 2014 has just closed a deal with SOL Global, a Canadian Listed investment group for 25% of the company. SOL Global is an international investment company headed by Rob Reid, also an emerging and powerful player based in the UK but with connections

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SFGate.com: Three Steps to Securing Your Cannabis Industry Gig

shaking hands

Whether you want to start your own business or secure a job in the cannabis industry, there are tips of the trade that are universal to any profession and key insights that may be unique to the marijuana market. My advice is to demonstrate traits that both shatter stoner stereotypes (punctuality, for instance) and are

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Senator Jeff Merkley to Welcome ICBC Portland Attendees

Jeff Merkley

While Senator Jeff Merkley, unfortunately, cannot make it in person to the International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland, Oregon, this September 27th-28th, due to his senatorial duties in Washington, D.C., the ICBC is so pleased that he’s agreed to welcome attendees with a video message. Senator Merkley has proven to be a bold, progressive public

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Portugal Legalizes Medical Cannabis, Must Improve Law Soon

Porto, Portugal

Portugal has been a leader in reforming the failed War on Drugs, decriminalizing the personal use of all drugs back in 2001. By all accounts, ending draconian Drug War penalties and treating drug use as a health care issue, instead of a criminal justice issue, has been a raging success for Portugal. Despite a progressive

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Canadian Company Province Brands Brews First Cannabis Beer

Big Alcohol and canabis

It’s clear that Canada has been leading the global cannabis market in many regards. Starting with a federal medical marijuana policy that has allowed Canadian companies to export to other nations and have the revenue to expand operations in nations around the world, including the United States, and even get listed on the Nasdaq and

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