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CBD Joints May Help Tobacco Smokers Kick the Habit


Anyone who has ever quit smoking tobacco or tried, or know someone battling tobacco addiction, understands the difficulty of kicking those cancer sticks to the curb. The nicotine in tobacco is so addictive that only 6% of smokers are able to quit each year, but there may be a promising tool to help kick the…

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Committee Passes Bill to License More Medical Cannabis Grows


Anyone that has seen the marijuana grown by the United States government for the few remaining federally-recognized patients and the limited research projects approved over the years, knows that it is of extremely poor quality. The Medical Cannabis Research Act (MCRA), sponsored by Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, and passed out of the House Judiciary Committee,…

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U.S. May License More Cannabis Cultivators and Researchers


Whenever someone hears that the United States government maintains a marijuana farm that provides medicine for a few federal patients and research programs, it may seem like a tall tale, but it is no myth. Uncle Sam cultivates cannabis at the University of Mississippi and actually mails it to a handful of grandfathered/grandmothered participants in the Compassionate Investigational…

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Cannabis and Biotech Companies Agree to Landmark Partnership

cannabis plant

Mainstream investors and major corporations are seeing the value of the cannabis industry as big investment news stories are breaking every week, if not every few days, as Canada marches toward its October 17th legalization date. While stocks are still volatile, it appears that many are seeing the growth potential of the burgeoning industry. Partnerships with…

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Join the ICBC at the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland


Cannabis science is one of the foundations of the legalization movement as knowledge of the plant has helped dispel Reefer Madness myth after myth over the past decades. Scientific research led to medical cannabis laws as researchers have publicized the wide range of medicinal uses and health benefits of the plant will countering the unfounded…

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International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin Program Starts Today!


Today is the day!! The International Cannabis Business Conference – Berlin has begun! Last night’s VIP party with philosopher and cultural icon Henry Rollins kicked off the beginning of Europe’s biggest and best B2B cannabis conference. Today begins two days of the most important business networking, with the world’s leading cannabis experts, happening in the…

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Californians Will Soon Take a Closer Look at Pesticides on Cannabis

Cannabis plant

In California, cannabis consumers are about to get a strong dose of cannabis legalization. As the state moves into the new adult-use market on January 1st, dispensaries will be selling product off the shelves of entities only recently and temporarily licensed. That means, of course, that California is about to experience the birthing pains of…

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ICBC Hawaiian Cannabis Destination Event Starts in One a Week!

ICBC crowd logo

If you are in the cannabis industry, or thinking of joining, treat yourself this Black Friday (and save $200!) by getting tickets to the first Hawaiian cannabis destination event, the International Cannabis Business Conference in beautiful Kauai. In one week, the best B2B cannabis conference is happening and you don’t want to miss it, as the…

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