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International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin Program Starts Today!


Today is the day!! The International Cannabis Business Conference – Berlin has begun! Last night’s VIP party with philosopher and cultural icon Henry Rollins kicked off the beginning of Europe’s biggest and best B2B cannabis conference. Today begins two days of the most important business networking, with the world’s leading cannabis experts, happening in the…

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Californians Will Soon Take a Closer Look at Pesticides on Cannabis

Cannabis plant

In California, cannabis consumers are about to get a strong dose of cannabis legalization. As the state moves into the new adult-use market on January 1st, dispensaries will be selling product off the shelves of entities only recently and temporarily licensed. That means, of course, that California is about to experience the birthing pains of…

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ICBC Hawaiian Cannabis Destination Event Starts in One a Week!

ICBC crowd logo

If you are in the cannabis industry, or thinking of joining, treat yourself this Black Friday (and save $200!) by getting tickets to the first Hawaiian cannabis destination event, the International Cannabis Business Conference in beautiful Kauai. In one week, the best B2B cannabis conference is happening and you don’t want to miss it, as the…

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Over Half of Hawaii’s Unregulated Cannabis Tainted

Marijuana buds

In wake of the rollout for Hawaii’s revised medical cannabis program, lab testing facilities in the state have been working hard to show the world that Hawaii has the best (or at least strictest) medical cannabis regulations in the country. In order to prove that point, the new laboratories have been undergoing rigorous oversight from…

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Water Quality Oversight Comes to California’s Cannabis Market

water cans

On Tuesday, California’s State Water Board announced a strict new water policy for the Golden State’s exploding cannabis cultivation in attempt to create environmental standards to guide the immense growth expected over coming years in the industry. According to Patch.com: “The new Cannabis Cultivation Policy establishes statewide requirements that will be implemented through a water…

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Hawaii Officials Give Approval to Its Second Cannabis Lab

Maui, Hawaii

Pharmlab Hawaii, LLC, passed final inspections this week from the Hawaii Deportment of Health (DOH), giving the private laboratory testing facility provisional certification to being medical cannabis testing on the island of Maui. From the state’s local ABC affiliate KITV: “Pharmlab Hawaii is the second laboratory to receive DOH approval for medical cannabis testing. The…

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Study Shows Danger of Heating Butane Hash Oil Over 750 Degrees


Concentrates, extractions, infusions – call them what you will – many entrepreneurs in the cannabis space are hedging their bets to play in, if not dominate, that sector of the new market. For decades Americans developed a history of consuming cannabis almost entirely in flower form. But with the liberalization of the plant from prohibition…

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