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More Progress in Europe as the UK Gets First Cannabis Shipment

Marijuana buds in hand

Less than six weeks after Canopy Growth announced that UK exports were on their agenda this year, a small British start-up, Grow Biotech, has just pulled off one of the first cannabis start-up victories of the year. Namely, they just imported the first bulk batch of medical cannabis into the UK. And not from Canada,…

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The European Parliament Passes Medical Cannabis Resolution

EU Parliament

Step by step, nation by nation, the cannabis community is making great progress around the world. Some milestones, such as Canada becoming the first G7 nation to end prohibition, are obviously huge landmarks. Other achievements might fly under the radar to most, but will be revealed as greatly influential when we look back upon them….

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Senior Cannabis Clubs in California Flourishing

Older cannabis user

Historically, older Americans have been the most skeptical demographic regarding cannabis legalization. While younger voters are still more likely to support ending prohibition, the times they are a-changin’ as senior citizens are more likely than ever to support legal cannabis and use the substance medicinally. A couple of senior citizens clubs in California are living examples…

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A First for Southeast Asia: Thailand Legalizes Medical Cannabis


December 25, Christmas Day, 2018, was a big day for cannabis reform globally. Not only did Israel legalize exports, but Thailand’s legislature also voted unanimously to allow licensed medical use of the drug along with kratom, a locally grown plant used both as a stimulant and painkiller. The move was described as a “New Year’s…

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Irish Farmers Next to Cultivate Medical Cannabis?

cannabis plant

Ireland’s medical cannabis program was approved two years ago, but the system has never been fully implemented as bureaucratic hurdles have hindered the ability to agree upon a foreign importer. Sensibly, Irish Health Minister Simon Harris has proposed that Irish farmers should cultivate cannabis for the Emerald Isle’s patients. The Irish Farmers Association (IFA), whose members…

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Politico: Patients Pushing for Medical Cannabis Across the EU

Medical marijuana doctor

Countries all across Europe have been making great strides in improving their medical cannabis laws, with the UK and Greece being the most recent nations to implement medicinal programs, following in the footsteps Germany and the Netherlands. Luxembourg has raised the stakes by announcing intentions to join Canada and Uruguay as ending cannabis prohibition for…

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More Progress in Europe as Poland Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Polish flag

The last days of October and early ones of November 2018 might yet go down in history as one of those “weed watershed moments.” That said, 10/25 much less 11/01 do not have quite the same ring to them as the more historic April anniversary celebrated more globally. Yet for all that, two European countries,…

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Big State Marijuana Measures on the Ballot Tomorrow

vote cannabis

While most of the political attention is on the congressional midterms tomorrow, there are some big marijuana measures on the ballots tomorrow. There is some debate as to which party will be better on cannabis policy over the next couple of years, with two Congressman, Democrat Earl Blumenauer and Republican Dan Rohrabacher (both previous International…

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