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The United Kingdom to Legalize Medical Cannabis this November

Medical marijuana doctor

Step by step, nation by nation, the liberalization of cannabis laws are transpiring around the nation. As people share their personal stories about cannabis and the fact that other locations have legalized medical or adult-use moves the debate in various countries around the world. We’ve seen such momentum across the globe for more progressive marijuana policies,…

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Military Vet PTSD Study Just Needs a Few More Volunteers

Military veteran PTSD

Many of us know military veterans that reasonably suffer from post-traumatic stress after experience combat or other trauma. Many of us know veterans that utilize cannabis to treat their post-traumatic stress and that it is a crime against humanity for our government to deny soldiers and veterans the option of at least trying to utilize…

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Missouri to Vote on Medical Cannabis this November

Medical marijuana doctor

Every state that legalizes adult-use or medical cannabis brings us one step closer to ending prohibition for all adults across the country. As someone born and raised in Missouri and started my political activism there, I am so proud and pleased that Missouri voters will have the opportunity to vote to legalize medical cannabis this…

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Cannabis CBD Helps Improve Cancer Survival Rate in Mice


We learn more about the benefits of cannabis and its compounds more and more as research has been allowed. Combatting seizures has been well-documented by Sanja Gupta, but, unfortunately, research has been stifled and bottled up in the United States for far too long. The most impactful medicinal benefit of cannabis and its cannabinoids may…

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Some Sanity Finally Comes to Oklahoma’s Medical Cannabis Law

marijuana prescription

The cannabis community achieved a major victory on June 26th when Oklahoma voters passed its Question 788 medical marijuana initiative by a strong 57% to 43% margin in a low turnout primary election. Reefer Madness prohibitionists can cruelly and stubbornly fight medical measures all they want, even disparaging patients by putting quotes around medical (i.e. “medical”…

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United Kingdom Legalizes Medical Cannabis Products

Cannabis plant

The cannabis law reform movement continues moving full speed ahead across the world as the United Kingdom just announced that medical cannabis products will now be available by prescription. The UK’s policy shift has come thanks to the work of tireless advocates who helped convince the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs to determine…

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Oregon Medical Cannabis Program Needs to Do More for Patients

OMMP dispensary

In many ways, Oregon is a leader on cannabis policy in the United States. The state was the first to decriminalize personal possession in 1973, was an early medical state in 1998, the third to vote in legalization in 2014, and really led the nation on decreasing criminal penalties across the board and expunging old…

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Germany to Restart Cannabis Cultivation Bid Process

Cannafornia marijuana

Germany’s medical cannabis program has experienced tremendous growth over the past year or so. In some ways, the German system has been a victim of its own success as patients have experienced shortages and too high of prices. Thankfully, for many patients, their cannabis is covered by their insurance providers, but prices are still too…

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Another Study: Legalize Cannabis to Combat the Opioid Epidemic


The opioid epidemic is hurting communities all across the United States. No demographic is safe as Big Pharma has pushed addictive and deadly drugs into localities big and small. As NPR just reported, my birth state of Missouri has seen 1.6 billion doses dropped into the state over the last 6 years, enough doses to…

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Following Oklahoma, Will Utah Legalize Medical Cannabis?

Salt Lake City

Support for medical cannabis reaches super-majority levels among voters across the nation, so it is hardly surprising when a state legalizes medicinal use. However, that strong support in the polls was recently put to the test in a low-turnout primary election in deep-red Oklahoma, one of the most conservative states in the union. Voters in…

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