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The NHS Legalizes Two Cannabis Based Medications

medical cannabis

While the struggle for cannabis reform goes on in the United Kingdom, GW Pharmaceuticals is laughing all the way to the bank. At the beginning of the month, NICE (the friendly-sounding drugs advisory body) issued stringent and narrow guidelines for prescriptions of cannabinoid medication that sounded like they came from the last century. Notably, NICE

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Australia Lets General Practitioners Prescribe Medical Cannabis

stethoscope doctor medical hospital

The UK and Australia might both be members of the Commonwealth, but their approach to medical cannabis so far could not be more different. In the UK as of the beginning of the month, the NHS agreed not only to authorize just two cannabis drugs (manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals) but also mandated that those prescribing

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How Much Does Your Medical Cannabis Cost?

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The question of patient access, just about everywhere, comes down to not only a way to easily obtain one’s cannabis, but also to be able to afford it. Patients just about everywhere (with a few exceptions) are still struggling with both issues. In The US… Cannabis is not federally legal yet. However, economics in many

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Sir Patrick Stewart Demands Medical Cannabis Legalization

united kingdom

The United Kingdom has one of the most restrictive medical cannabis programs in Europe. Legal medical cannabis access is restricted to only the most extreme medical cases and conditions, and even then, the forms of medical cannabis that are available to patients are very limited. Famed Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart has become increasingly

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A Focus On German Patients: What Do They Still Face?

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At an undisclosed location, somewhere in Bavaria, a group of activists met on the first weekend of November. They were drawn there by their friendships and their long-time struggles to gain access to medical cannabis. All of them were sick. But for all the disabilities, across a range and spectrum of chronic conditions, there was

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The IACM Pushes The Medical Conversation Globally

International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines

Dr. Grotenhermen, the charismatic canna doc you might have seen or encountered in the world of ground-breaking medical cannabis science auf Deutschland, was on stage a lot in Berlin last week. He and a group of world-famous scientists, doctors, and medical researchers came together, as they do once every two years, for the bi-annual meeting

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France Authorizes A Cannabis Experiment

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On October 25, the French National Assembly finally gave the green light to a national experiment with medical cannabis. This has been in the offing for some time. As of now, the French government is finally willing to give the cannabis discussion a two-year trial. The Medicines Agency has already signed off. Cannabis will be

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