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Former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher on Reagan, Trump, and Cannabis

The best chance of the United States has of legalizing cannabis in the near future is passing the STATES Act that would end federal interference with state’s legalization laws as Donald Trump has signaled his support for the measure. Former Representative Dana Rohrabacher has stated his belief that Trump agrees with a states’ rights legalization…

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ICBC Zurich 2019 In Pictures! Next up: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) made its first venture into Switzerland last week, with a conference in Zurich, and the event was a raging success. A sincere thanks to all of our speakers, attendees, sponsors and CannaTrade, Europe’s oldest hemp fair, for partnering with us. We are already looking forward to returning to Switzerland next…

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Europe’s Largest Cannabis Producer Strikes Swiss-UK Deal

cannabis seedling plant

The international cannabis community continues to become more integrated as nation after nation establishes federal regulations. Canada, the first G7 country to end prohibition, has given their companies a head start, but others are starting to catch up with positive reforms catching fire across Europe and Israel and Latin America are starting to export as…

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Europe’s $318 Billion CBD Market Poised for 400% Boom Through 2023

CBD oil

Cannabis legalization typically takes a series of baby steps and then giant leaps depending on the location. Progressive states in the U.S. have typically started with decriminalization of personal amounts, then legal medical use, until finally ending prohibition for adults. More conservative states that haven’t yet legalized have added another step: embracing CBD, while still…

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Meet the Cannabis CBD Companies of Switzerland


Starting in 2016, Switzerland approved cannabis flowers and products for tobacco cessation or as a tobacco substitute. The catch is that the THC content cannot go over 1%. Since then, over 600 companies have been licensed across the nation, producing a variety of high-CBD, low-THC cannabis concoctions. These companies are exporting all over the world…

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Don’t Miss ICBC Zurich and Cannatrade! One Week Away!

Big things are happening for the cannabis community in Europe and around the world, and Switzerland is no different!  While the Swiss no longer enjoy “grey market” cannabis sales they once enjoyed not that long ago, the government is poised to go beyond the legal production and sale of high-CBD cannabis and products that are…

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Could Switzerland Lead Europe On Recreational Cannabis Trials?

There has been a great deal of speculation about what the “Swiss exemption” might do to spur cannabis reform in Europe. There have been talks of pilot trials not to mention pharmacies offering both recreational product and pharmaceutical grade cannabis. And then of course there is the huge success of the “Cannabis Lite” market (CBD)…

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Luxembourg Poised to Lead Europe Toward Cannabis Legalization in 2020

As cannabis-friendly locales in Amsterdam and the Netherlands have helped change the European (and global) culture towards cannabis, regulations are needed to ensure that governments fully embrace legalization and harmful arrests can be curtailed. Uruguay and Canada have helped lead the way towards ending prohibition, as have several states in the U.S., while Germany has…

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Canadian Cannabis Giant Makes a Huge Investment in Europe


The global cannabis community is growing closer and closer, and the International Cannabis Business Conference has had a front row seat over the last five years as federal policies around the world have opened up commerce across national borders. Canadian companies have benefitted the most, taking advantage of the Great White North’s progressive policies to…

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