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Cannabis Commerce in California Means Regulatory Compliance


The early lines at newly-licensed California cannabis retail outlets are just a preview of the vast economic opportunities available in the Golden State. However, in California, which led our recent cannabis revolution by voting to legalize medical use back in 1996, not everything will be rainbows and sunshine as regulatory hurdles remain. Attorney General Jeff…

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Cannabis Czar Lori Ajax Interviewed Ahead of the ICBC in San Francisco

Lori Ajax

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that California just legalized cannabis commerce this year. California’s influence, with nearly 40 million people and the world’s 6th largest economy, virtually cannot be overstated in our fight to end the failed and harmful policy of marijuana prohibition. The world is watching and the woman…

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Congratulations, California!


Yesterday ushered in a new era for cannabis with the world’s sixth-largest economy (California) coming online with legal, adult-use cannabis. January 1st marked the first day stores were allowed to sell the product to anyone over the age of 21 without a doctor’s explicit recommendation. I would say that people seem pleased, but the word…

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California’s Countdown to Cannabis

Marijuana buds in hand

It’s all happening…IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! This weekend marks the last Friday and Saturday (okay, Sunday, too you everyday smokers) when California adults will have to worry about calling themselves criminals when spark up at parties, shows, or other spaces of entertainment. Monday, January 1st, 2018 marks the age of a new era – that of…

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California Cops and Cannabis Shenanigans, Big Changes Are Coming


Led by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), many people in law enforcement have rightfully cheered the changes in cannabis policies over the last few years, citing the virtual harmlessness of cannabis compared with other substances including alcohol, and an ability for them to focus their time and resources on crimes that directly impact public safety….

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SFGate Interviews ICBC Speaker Lori Ajax, California Cannabis Czar

Just before California is about to officially legalize marijuana on January 1st, and ahead of her 2nd appearance at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco, SFGate (via its Smell the Truth cannabis blog) interviewed Lori Ajax, the Golden State’s Cannabis Czar. Ajax, Chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control, discusses issues such as…

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Unions Battle for a Place at the Cannabis Table in California

cannabis grown by Cannafornia

The tension between employers and employees is an age-old problem, and the advantage of one group over the other seems to swing like a political pendulum. As cannabis moves into its new market space in California, workers are hoping to figure out how they can use their collective power to demand fair rights for themselves….

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Californians Will Soon Take a Closer Look at Pesticides on Cannabis

Cannabis plant

In California, cannabis consumers are about to get a strong dose of cannabis legalization. As the state moves into the new adult-use market on January 1st, dispensaries will be selling product off the shelves of entities only recently and temporarily licensed. That means, of course, that California is about to experience the birthing pains of…

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January 1st, 2018 – California Cannabis Enters the Future

cannabis flower

January 1st, 2018. It’s the date on everyone’s mind in the cannabis world. It’s the date recreational sales become legal in the mighty market that is California. Adult use cannabis becomes legal in the Golden State on the first day of the new year, and there’s a lot people want to know about what that…

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