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Big Canadian Producers Announce Major German and EU Moves

Cannabis plant

As the German cultivation bid deadline ticks down, the big Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs) are solidifying their presence in Germany and far beyond across Europe. Two, in particular, have made major announcements last week, coming hot on the heels of Aurora’s Polish expansion. Canopy Growth Corporation, continues to move aggressively across Europe to solidify its…

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California Still Counting Votes, but Cannabis Was a Clear Winner

While election day couldn’t get over soon enough for a lot of people, the 2018 midterms feel like they won’t ever end with recounts ongoing in Florida and votes still being counted in California and throughout the West. Political analysts will be debating the lessons learned from the 2018 elections for days, weeks, and months…

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What Will Donald Trump’s New Attorney General Mean for Cannabis?

Rubiks Trump

Donald Trump shook up the political world (what else is new) when he fired Reefer Madness Attorney General Jeff Sessions the day following the 2018 midterms. Now, speculation has begun on who the permanent AG will be following the naming of Matthew Whitaker, Jeff Session’s former Chief of Staff, as “Acting” Attorney General (while there…

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More Progress in Europe as Poland Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Polish flag

The last days of October and early ones of November 2018 might yet go down in history as one of those “weed watershed moments.” That said, 10/25 much less 11/01 do not have quite the same ring to them as the more historic April anniversary celebrated more globally. Yet for all that, two European countries,…

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Reuters: Cannabis Stocks Rise as Voter Approval Grows

Cannabis stocks remain extremely volatile, but positive electoral news pushed up their value following the 2018 midterm elections. While there will be plenty of ups and downs in the marijuana market, we can expect to see more electoral victories in 2019 and beyond both domestically and internationally, as Reuters reported: Cannabis shares initially rose upon the…

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Donald Trump to Replace Jeff Sessions with Chris Christie?

Chris Christie

Folks can move in and out of favor with Donald Trump rather quickly. Jeff Sessions was rewarded for being Trump’s first U.S. Senate endorser with an Attorney General appointment, but he was relegated to the doghouse for recusing himself from overseeing Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia interfering with the 2016 election. Sessions was then ousted…

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Reefer Madness Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resigns!

Jeff Sessions

At Donald Trump’s request, Jeff Sessions resigned today as U.S. Attorney General. In other words, he was fired. In Trump’s doghouse for recusing himself from overseeing Robert Mueller’s Russian election conspiracy investigation, Sessions removal has some serious national political implications. Sessions’ Chief of Staff Robert Whitaker has been named Acting Attorney General. Long before he…

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Blue Wave? Meh. Red Wave? Nope. Green Wave? YES!

Green Wave

The contentious 2016 midterm elections are now behind us (mostly, as final votes are still being counted in several places) and politicians and pundits will now debate what the results mean. The Democrats took back control of the House of Representatives, including defeating the Reefer Madness prohibitionist Pete Sessions, but there was no huge #BlueWave…

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Big State Marijuana Measures on the Ballot Tomorrow

vote cannabis

While most of the political attention is on the congressional midterms tomorrow, there are some big marijuana measures on the ballots tomorrow. There is some debate as to which party will be better on cannabis policy over the next couple of years, with two Congressman, Democrat Earl Blumenauer and Republican Dan Rohrabacher (both previous International…

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