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Coca-Cola Seriously Contemplating the Cannabis Industry

Coca Cola logo

Hedge fund legends. Big Pharma. Big Tobacco. Big Alcohol. The list of new and possible cannabis industry participants keeps growing and growing. And now, potentially the biggest interest yet: Big Soda. If there were any doubts that cannabis has gone mainstream and is going more mainstream by the day, the possible entry of Coca-Cola into

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Senate Candidate Gary Johnson Discloses Cannabis Investments

Gary Johnson

Normally, the financial disclosures of a Libertarian Senate candidate wouldn’t be a big deal, even if it revealed investments in cannabis businesses. However, Gary Johnson, the former two-term governor of New Mexico has to be taken seriously in the Land of Enchantment, even though his two presidential runs fizzled out. Republican Senator Rand Paul has

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We Officially Flipped Senator Dianne Feinstein on Cannabis

US Capitol

Politics can make strange bedfellows and it has long been extremely weird that California was represented by an anti-cannabis United States Senator, the extremely powerful Dianne Feinstein. While Oregon paved the way for decriminalization in the early 1970s, California really led the charge for the recent momentum to bring sanity to our marijuana laws by voting

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Committee Passes Bill to License More Medical Cannabis Grows


Anyone that has seen the marijuana grown by the United States government for the few remaining federally-recognized patients and the limited research projects approved over the years, knows that it is of extremely poor quality. The Medical Cannabis Research Act (MCRA), sponsored by Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, and passed out of the House Judiciary Committee,

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Cannabis Cafes Coming to Oregon, Learn the Latest at the ICBC

Despite legalizing cannabis in 2014, Oregon still has a lot of work left to do regarding marijuana, from doing better to ensure that low-income patients have safe access to automatically expunging old convictions (without making people pay extra money and jumping through unnecessary bureaucratic hoops). Additionally, cannabis cafes and other consumption sites are needed. I’m proud

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Time Running Out for ICBC Mom & Pop Pitch & Early Bird Tickets

There is still time to get “early bird” tickets to the world’s premier B2B cannabis event, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland, Oregon, this September 27th-28th, and for small craft cannabis businesses to apply for the $10,000 ICBC Mom and Pop Pitch Event, but time is running out. Early bird tickets must be purchased

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Judge: Dismiss Josephine County’s Attack on Cannabis Laws

Marijuana Justice

Many Oregon cannabis industry observers, including myself and the Medford Mail Tribune Editorial Board, knew that Josephine County was wasting the hard-earned money of taxpayers by challenging Oregon’s adult-use and medical legalization laws in court. Everything that county officials may want to do with cannabis businesses from oversaturation to strict regulations to outright bans (if their

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ICBC Portland Early Bird Tickets End Wednesday, Sept. 12th

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is returning to Portland, Oregon, this September 27th-28th, at the Hilton Downtown, and you can still purchase “early bird” tickets, but time is running out as you have through September 12th to save $200 on the marijuana business-to-business (B2B) event of the year. Once the clock strikes midnight, turning

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U.S. May License More Cannabis Cultivators and Researchers


Whenever someone hears that the United States government maintains a marijuana farm that provides medicine for a few federal patients and research programs, it may seem like a tall tale, but it is no myth. Uncle Sam cultivates cannabis at the University of Mississippi and actually mails it to a handful of grandfathered/grandmothered participants in the Compassionate Investigational

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The Oregonian: Ancillary Businesses Adapt to Cannabis Market

cannabis marijuana plant

The financial benefits of cannabis legalization make a lot of headlines as the tax revenue generated and jobs created almost always exceed expectations. The positive economic impact of regulated cannabis commerce isn’t just in the surface numbers as the benefits filter throughout the industry and into ancillary businesses and throughout the local economy. Of course,

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