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Congress Moves to Protect Medical Cannabis from Jeff Sessions, but What About Recreational?

U.S. House of Representatives

It’s no secret what Jeff Sessions thinks about cannabis. Donald Trump’s “beleaguered” Attorney General famously once uttered that, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” after all. While the AG’s boss has apparently cut a deal with Republican Senator Cory Gardner to support states’ rights to end cannabis prohibition, Sessions has previously rescinded the Obama Administration’s hands-off-state-regulated-cannabis…

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Happy 4/20 Holiday Weekend – Let’s Legalize Cannabis!


Happy 4/20! From all the folks at the International Cannabis Business Conference, to all our cannabis supporting brothers and sisters around the planet, we hope you are having a safe happy holiday today! We hope you are able to enjoy this time with your loved ones. While you celebrate, please remember that many people across…

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Legal Cannabis is Coming to the United States…Soon

United States

They say when it rains it pours. In tandem with crazy weather patterns affecting populations across the globe, the cannabis industry is starting to see some precipitation after decades of prohibition-induced drought. Earlier this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an open public comment period asking citizens to weigh in on opinions…

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Anti-Cannabis Conservatives Seek U.S. Help to Stop Legalization in Canada, the ICBC to Have the Latest

US-Canada flags together

Three Canadian Conservative Party senators who are charged with assisting the transition to legal cannabis for adult-use in their country this summer are looking for help in the US, presumably in an attempt to hold back the coming tide of legalization. Once Pandora’s box is open and legal recreational sales begin in Canada, they know…

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New Report Details How Cannabis Is a $57 Billion Global Market

Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics released a new 65-page report this week detailing monetary estimates of cannabis’ future entitled, “The Road Map to a $57 Billion Worldwide Market”. The big takeaway was – you guessed it – the legal global cannabis market is expected to expand to a whopping $57 billion by 2027. According…

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Cannabis Just Went Public on the Nasdaq

Marijuana buds in hand

Today – Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 – marks a moment in history that is the telling of a new era. For the first time ever, US traders on Wall Street are getting a piece of the pot. The Nasdaq Stock Market is now listing its first shares for a cannabis company on the open trade…

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