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Disrupting the Industry: Merry Jane Covers ICBC Organizers

Alex Rogers Dean Arbit

Anyone that has attended marijuana conferences, along with the International Cannabis Business Conference knows that the ICBC is different. The ICBC combines business information, political insight, activism tips and cannabis culture together to create a unique experience for attendees. The trademark blend of all sectors of the cannabis industry and lifestyle is a big reason

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California Announces Cannabis Rules


California’s cannabis legalization law is set to go into effect beginning January 1, 2018. Suffice to say, a lot of people are excited. It’s been just over a year since voters in the Golden State approved Proposition 64. And while that may seem like a long time to get regulations on paper, rule-makers feel differently.

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Over Half of Hawaii’s Unregulated Cannabis Tainted

Marijuana buds

In wake of the rollout for Hawaii’s revised medical cannabis program, lab testing facilities in the state have been working hard to show the world that Hawaii has the best (or at least strictest) medical cannabis regulations in the country. In order to prove that point, the new laboratories have been undergoing rigorous oversight from

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Doug Benson High Times Interview

This article originally appeared in High Times magazine Nov. 6, 2017 in the format of an interview by Russ Belville. Besides Cheech & Chong, the comedian most associated with marijuana is Doug Benson. He’s made a living off his laid-back stoner persona for over a decade, on stage with “The Marijuana-Logues,” on film in Super High

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Big Alcohol Invests in Cannabis Company Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth

It’s official. Big business is moving in on the legalization market. Cannabis conspiracy theorists across the nation are congratulating themselves for having gotten something right, and maybe prohibitionist Kevin Sabet is feeling justified (even though he’s clearly on the wrong side of history). Whether it’s a good or bad thing, the new move is a

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Morgan Heritage to Perform at the ICBC in Kauai, Hawaii

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) always brings the heavyweights, and this December is no exception. I’m excited that a giant act in musical world will be joining the ICBC in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii this December for the conference VIP and After Parties, a five-person performance project who happened to win the 2016 Grammy Award

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Water Quality Oversight Comes to California’s Cannabis Market

water cans

On Tuesday, California’s State Water Board announced a strict new water policy for the Golden State’s exploding cannabis cultivation in attempt to create environmental standards to guide the immense growth expected over coming years in the industry. According to Patch.com: “The new Cannabis Cultivation Policy establishes statewide requirements that will be implemented through a water

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Hawaii Officials Give Approval to Its Second Cannabis Lab

Maui, Hawaii

Pharmlab Hawaii, LLC, passed final inspections this week from the Hawaii Deportment of Health (DOH), giving the private laboratory testing facility provisional certification to being medical cannabis testing on the island of Maui. From the state’s local ABC affiliate KITV: “Pharmlab Hawaii is the second laboratory to receive DOH approval for medical cannabis testing. The

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Will the Canadian Cannabis Market Be Bigger Than Previously Thought?

Canadian cannabis flag

New information last week from GMP Securities, an independent investment dealer based in Toronto, is leading analysts in Canada to suggest that the adult-use legalization market in the Great White North will be even greater than previously suggested. The new estimations also indicate that production will finally outpace consumption around 2020, leading to lower prices

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Landmark Cannabis Intellectual Property Case Settled

Beginning in December, getting high on Gorilla Glue is going to be a really terrible idea. This week, The Gorilla Glue Co. and GG Strains LLC reached a settlement for a major lawsuit claiming trademark infringement against a Nevada-based cannabis company. The long-established global adhesives manufacturing company, The Gorilla Glue Co., initiated the lawsuit in

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