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The 2019 ICBC European Trek Begins Today! Barcelona → Berlin → Zurich

european cities

Alex Rogers, the founder and CEO of the International Cannabis Business Conference knew that the global cannabis industry was going to advance quickly when he first pulled together his event-planning team in 2014, but even he’s surprised at the rate the movement has expanded. With a humble beginning in Portland, Oregon, before the state became…

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German-Dutch Cannabis Experiment Grows More Interesting

Netherlands Germany

Those who know anything about the history of the Dutch cannabis industry, know it is a vertical that has flourished in the grey areas and the loopholes of the law since its “modern” launch a couple of generations ago. However, for most of the last decade, the Dutch government has also struggled to find a…

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Trump Seeks Comment for International Cannabis Reform

Donald Trump Fist Up

Are The UN and European Parliament Finally Prompting White House To Shift Cannabis Policy? Both the European Parliament and the UN have now weighed in on rescheduling and descheduling the cannabis plant and cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. Now the FDA, by the Trump Administration, is seeking comments from the general public about the same. One of the…

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Check Out the Three Minute ICBC Rockumentary!


The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) brings its trademark blend of business, politics, and culture to every city, helping the ICBC quickly establish itself as the premier global industry event, and the ICBC San Francisco this past February was no different. This three-minute “rockumentary” provides a great look into why the ICBC is such a…

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Swiss Parliament Considering a Cannabis Legalization Pilot Program


Unknown to many, a cannabis “grey market” once flourished in Switzerland as the cannabis community utilized a loophole in the country’s narcotics law from the late 1990s until the government shut it down in 2014. In 2016, a new market was formed when Switzerland reformed its law to allow the cultivation of hemp with up…

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Bloomberg: Investment Banks Eyeing European Cannabis Markets

Germany map glasses

The international cannabis industry has started to take off, dominated by Canadian businesses that have gotten a leg up on the global competition as the first G7 nation to fully legalize cannabis commerce, including exports. How best to implement lessons learned from Canada and how to catch up to the Great White North’s market share…

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Demand for Medical Cannabis Has Tripled in Germany in Just Two Years

Medical marijuana doctor

Germany’s medical cannabis system is somewhat of a paradox. On one hand, the European powerhouse has clearly been a worldwide leader by standardizing the process and, most importantly, covering medicinal cannabis like any other prescribed medicine. On the other hand, Germany has lagged behind on domestic production, relying upon imports, and the availability of cannabis…

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Europe Set to Be the Biggest Cannabis Market in 5 years

European map

Any observer of the global cannabis industry can see that Europe has been making tremendous progress implementing sensible marijuana policies over the past few years. While challenges remain, particularly with reconciling bureaucratic hurdles with the European Union and other global agencies, nations are joining the worldwide cannabis revolution, whether making news in economic powerhouses like…

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The German Cannabis Cultivation Bid Has A New Deadline!

Cannabis Seedlings

According to a late January press release by the ever-tight lipped BfArM – the federal agency in charge of launching Germany’s medical cannabis cultivation program – the first harvest of medical cannabis is expected in the fourth quarter of 2020. Further, the award will not be announced before April 10 of this year, a topic…

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Investment Bank Predicts $130 Billion Cannabis Market by 2029

investment growth

Last week ended with wealth advisor Pepper International telling CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” that the cannabis industry was a wise, sound investment and this week begins with a financial report that backs up that assertion. Hardly a day goes by without some type of industry news that demonstrates positive political momentum, a major milestone, or…

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