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And the Winner is….CANNABIS! Estonians Fly Their Leaf Flag

Estonian cannabis leaf flag

The former Soviet State of Estonia has been reorganizing its governing structures lately. Amongst the administrative reforms, the three municipalities of Kanepi, Kolleste, and Valgjarve merged into one new municipality simply called Kanepi. Kanepi, it would seem, is the Estonian word for cannabis. (And I thought I was cool because I lived on Stoney Drive…

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Medical Cannabis Community Growing Rapidly in Germany

Medical marijuana doctor

This week, March 10th, 2018, marks the one year anniversary of Germany’s new medical cannabis program, which jumped from a paltry patient count of around 1,000 under the old laws, to a total of over 15,700 applicants under the new laws, a number that is slightly overwhelming Germany’s healthcare system. Anyone familiar with cannabis as…

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German Health Insurance Providers Are Covering Cannabis

Medical Cannabis Germany

The United States health care debate is as long as it is ugly. So frankly, I’m not going to get into it. Suffice to say the United States does things differently than most other “developed” countries. In Germany and most of Europe, healthcare is universal and the State plays a more hands-on approach to control…

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Canadian Cannabis on the Island of Malta?

Oh Canada

Canadian cannabis seems to be a hot commodity these days, as more countries come online to initiate programs for medical patients. It makes sense that countries are looking for reliable sources as new national cannabis policies are spreading across the globe. Canadians even appear to be making inroads where cannabis isn’t legal yet. Earlier this…

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Berlin International Cannabis Business Conference Schedule Released!

ICBC crowd logo

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is returning to Berlin on April 11th thru the 13th this year. The Berlin ICBC will feature panels on the progress of Germany’s medical marijuana system, as well as updates on industry advancements across the world. “Germany’s medical marijuana laws have put the country close to the forefront of…

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New Report Details How Cannabis Is a $57 Billion Global Market

Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics released a new 65-page report this week detailing monetary estimates of cannabis’ future entitled, “The Road Map to a $57 Billion Worldwide Market”. The big takeaway was – you guessed it – the legal global cannabis market is expected to expand to a whopping $57 billion by 2027. According…

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Cannabis Just Went Public on the Nasdaq

Marijuana buds in hand

Today – Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 – marks a moment in history that is the telling of a new era. For the first time ever, US traders on Wall Street are getting a piece of the pot. The Nasdaq Stock Market is now listing its first shares for a cannabis company on the open trade…

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German Politicians Debate Adult-Use Cannabis Laws

Marijuana Leaf on German Flag

Members of Germany’s Bundestag, which is the name of German’s lower parliamentary house, held a debate earlier this week to discuss issues of importance to the German people. As in the US, there is a strong push and pull between conservatives and liberals on a number of emotionally-laden topics. Abortion rights, for example, remain at…

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German Company Releases Global Cannabis Consumption Study


A German manufacturer of small indoor grow equipment called Seedo has recently commissioned a study existing and potential policy and tax structures of 120 cities around the world, focusing on cannabis consumption. Obviously, Seedo would like to see more patients and consumers growing their own at home because that is the product they sell. Usually…

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