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Regulatory Hurdles Hurting Canadian Cannabis Oil Market

Canada flag map

Onerous regulations appear to be negatively impacting the cannabis business growth in Canada. Specifically, current organizational structures may be too strict to allow production to meet demand for cannabis oils and extracts. While the number of applications for cannabis licensing continues to climb, many entrepreneurs are skipping the step of extraction, presumably in a move…

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Canadian Courts Could Strike Down Cannabis Monopolies

Canadian cannabis flag

Jodie Giesz-Ramsay, known to many as Jodie Emery, co-owner of Cannabis Culture magazine and its associated businesses based in Vancouver, BC, is mounting an effort to challenge some of the provisions in Canada’s new adult-legalization law, known as The Cannabis Act, which is scheduled to go into effect in July 2018. Specifically, Giesz-Ramsay alleges that…

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California Cannabis Czar Lays Out Initial Application Guidelines

Lori Ajax, head of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control – also known as “The Marijuana Czar” of California – spoke about expectations to new licensing rules for the Golden State to a group of industry professionals at the California Cannabis Business Summit hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and the California Cannabis…

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Two Hawaiian Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Generate Over $426,000

Maui Grown Therapies and Oahu’s Aloha Green Apothecary are the only two medical cannabis dispensaries legally operating under Hawaiian law, both first opening their doors in August. Like many states working out the kinks of a newly established dispensary system, bureaucratic hurdles hindered the Hawaiian dispensaries initially, but their state government seems to be looking…

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Canadian Cannabis Companies Now Exporting to Germany

Canada Germany flags

The Land of Ideas (Germany), is getting a creative boost – legal cannabis from overseas. Canadian cannabis colossus Aurora, based in Alberta, announced their first shipment of the medicine to German markets this week in to help meet the enormous demand for the plant. Earlier this year, German legislators significantly liberalized policies surrounding medical cannabis,…

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Washington State Cannabis Consumers Seeing Lower Prices

Evergreen State

I guess what they say is true…in the marketplace, supply and demand are related! Who knew? Well, pretty much everyone knew. And when it comes to cannabis, prices have had been artificially inflated over the years due to the high cost of risks, and the limit on supply created by prohibition. But as predicted, cannabis…

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California Legislators Defeat Ban on Cannabis Advertising

California flag

Last week I reported the California legislature was meeting in special session, and that one of the measures moving forward included a somewhat strict prohibition on cannabis branding and labeling. As legalization moves forward and states invent new regulatory frameworks, we seem to be doing a bit of a balancing act regarding health and safety,…

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California May Unreasonably Restrict Cannabis Branding


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare While Shakespeare’s words ring true across time and space, one thing is for sure: if someone offered you an air freshener for your car and you had to choose between “rose” and “stank rot” without smelling either, I’m guessing…

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International Cannabis Treaties Stifling Legalization in Uruguay

bank vault

The long arm of the law stretches far and wide. Reports out of Uruguay this past week state that the Latin American country, the first to legalize adult-use cannabis in 2014, is facing internal issues with distribution. The country officially began sanctioned cannabis sales through pharmacies in July. But issues have arisen because – wouldn’t you…

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