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Canopy Rivers Offering Up to One Million Dollars at the Vancouver ICBC

There are many great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the multi-billion-dollar Canadian cannabis industry, but the realities of legal commerce mandate that businesses maintain sufficient capital resources to effectively overcome the initial barriers to entry, startup costs, and regulatory hurdles of a highly regulated system. The burgeoning cannabis industry is also a very attractive market that pulls in tough competitors. Businesses with a great idea or product often need a financial boost to get off the ground or survive the (pun intended) growing pains of an emerging industry. Thankfully, Canopy Rivers, in collaboration with Canopy Growth, is stepping up to help innovative entrepreneurs by hosting a million dollar pitch day at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver this June 24th-25th.

The San Francisco Chronicle broke the story on

As Canada inches closer towards cannabis legalization, a leading investor group looks to handsomely fund the next best idea in the legal marijuana business.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s timetable to legalize cannabis for adult use by the summer is steadily approaching. To mark the momentous decision, Canopy Rivers Corporation is hosting a pitch day for new businesses seeking to join in on Canada’s nascent legal marijuana industry.

The company is offering up to $1,000,000 of seed capital to support aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs throughout a diverse range of industry segments, including micro-growers, micro-processors, hemp production, lab testing, retailers, and other needs emerging from the proposed regulations.

Here’s what Canopy Rivers has to say about their pitch day:

Canopy Rivers Corporation is a best in class growth capital and strategic support platform focused on accelerating development of the global cannabis industry.

We know the industry needs successful players of all sizes in order to thrive – that’s why we’re opening a call to micro cannabis entrepreneurs looking for a capital infusion.

Partners of Canopy Rivers will benefit from Canopy Growth’s world-leading expertise within the emerging cannabis industry. This unique platform allows you to maintain control of your operations, develop your own unique brands and strategies, and strengthen your position within Canada’s globally leading network of emerging cannabis companies.

Interested parties must be in the process of (or plan on) applying to Health Canada for a micro-license under the Cannabis Act proposal (Bill C-45), in accordance with any and all regulations imposed. Those working in segments of the cannabis space including micro-growing, micro-processing, nursery, hemp, and testing fields are encouraged to apply. For more information, or to sign up, visit and apply by June 7th.

The International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver was already the must-attend cannabis event for those in the Canadian cannabis industry, or those thinking of joining, before this million dollar pitch day was announced. Now that Canopy Rivers and Canopy Growth have stepped up with a chance to earn capital for exciting entrepreneurial efforts, the event has only become more important. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from and network with top industry experts from Canada and around the globe. Get your tickets to the June 24-25 Vancouver ICBC by June 6th to save $200. 



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