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Cannabis Vaporizer Technology Reportedly Avoids 20% Tax In British Columbia

cannabis plant flower cannabis plant flower

A few months ago reports started popping up across North America of lung illnesses, with the sufferers stating that they had previously consumed cannabis via vape cartridge technology.

In response to the outbreak in illnesses, which included dozens of deaths, cannabis industry regulators in several markets implemented kneejerk bans on all cannabis vape cartridges, despite unregulated vape cartridges being reported as the likely cause of a vast majority of the illnesses.

The government of British Columbia in Canada became the first province in Canada to issue a specific tax on vape products, including vaporizer technology designed to vaporize cannabis flower and not cannabis oil.

Fortunately for consumers in British Columbia that prefer to vaporize cannabis flower rather than consume vape cartridges, the proposed 20% tax will not be applied to cannabis flower vaporizer technology. Read more about it in our recent article in Cannabis & Tech Today.

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