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Cannabis Tourism To Experience Exponential Growth

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Cannabis tourism has existed for many years, although for the most part, it was a completely unregulated sector of the cannabis industry. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, being that the entire cannabis industry was unregulated for many years.

For decades cannabis enthusiasts have flocked to top international cannabis tourism destinations such as Jamaica, Thailand, Spain, and Amsterdam. It was no secret that people from around the globe could easily find world-class cannabis in those areas, and entrepreneurial-minded locals were always happy to provide their services.

The entire tourism sector, not just cannabis, has done its best to navigate the ongoing pandemic, however, it’s obviously been a rough couple of years. Fortunately, cannabis reform efforts and the industry it creates have kept moving forward despite the pandemic.

As the world continues to open back up with the pandemic finally subsiding, travelers that double as cannabis enthusiasts will be met with more cannabis tourism options than ever before.

Types Of Cannabis Tourism

Historically, cannabis tourism largely revolved around simply acquiring amazing cannabis in a faraway place. For people that lived in an illegal jurisdiction where cannabis was scarce, the mere option to acquire cannabis easily while on a trip was enough to entice the traveler to choose that specific destination.

These days there is more to cannabis tourism than just the products, although cannabis use itself remains at the heart of the sector. As I often point out to people, if you can think of something that tourists do without cannabis involved, there’s likely a similar option that incorporates cannabis somewhere.

Just as there are winery tours, there are now cannabis cultivation and facility tours. Spas and wellness retreats have been popular for many years, and now many resorts and facilities also offer cannabis-based services such as cannabis oil massages and soaks.

Cannabis clubs are obviously popular in places like Spain, and the ‘club model’ is starting to show up in other places where cannabis laws are being reformed. Malta became the first country to legalize cannabis for adult use in Europe late last year, and the country’s legalization model is going to largely revolve around cannabis clubs that will no doubt be very popular with tourists.

Have Fun, Be Entertained, And Get Educated

Our International Cannabis Business Conference events help bring cannabis tourism to the next level. A prime example of that was on display at our last event in Barcelona on March 10th. Barcelona is home to more cannabis clubs than any other part of Spain, and possibly the world.

In addition to tourists being able to consume world-class cannabis and frequent Barcelona’s cannabis clubs, attendees of our event were also able to learn from, and network with, top cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and industry service providers from dozens of countries around the globe.

The International Cannabis Business Conference B2B event in Barcelona earlier this month was part of the world’s largest cannabis superconference along with Spannabis. In addition to the conference speakers and panel sessions, our Barcelona event also featured one of our famous after-parties where conference attendees were able to unwind after a full day of learning from leading cannabis experts.

We have more events coming in 2022 in Berlin and Zurich, and both of those cities rapidly becoming top international cannabis tourism destinations, with new local cannabis tourism services being launched all of the time. As cannabis reform efforts continue to change laws across the globe, the cannabis tourism sector will continue to expand alongside it. That is good news for tourists, as well as entrepreneurs and investors that are able to create products and services that help enhance the cannabis tourism experience.