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Cannabis Operators Turn To Hemp For Diversification

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The cannabis industry is spreading all over the United States, one jurisdiction at a time. Medical cannabis is particularly widespread now, and adult-use cannabis is hopefully not too far behind to states that still cling to prohibition. The size of the U.S. cannabis industry is enormous, and getting larger with every passing week.

But while the cannabis industry pie might be large, it is made up of an ever-growing number of slices. To make matters even more problematic for entrepreneurs and cannabis companies that focus on high-THC products, cannabis industry regulations can be confusing, conflicting, and are seemingly always changing.

That has led some of those companies to seek out opportunities in the hemp sector. It’s an extremely important trend that everyone in the cannabis industry needs to be mindful of. Our friends at GreenState have an in-depth analysis of this topic that we encourage all of our followers to check out. Below is an excerpt:

“The rules that govern hemp cultivation are far more favorable than those that govern non-hemp cultivation. Whereas a grower in a legal adult-use state like Oregon has a strict canopy limit on the size of their THC garden, farmers in Oregon can, and do, cultivate hemp fields that measure in the dozens or even hundreds of acres. This is true in other states as well. To a cultivator that is limited to square footage canopy for high-THC cultivation, being able to cultivate over 1,000 acres of hemp is an enticing option and a great way to diversify their operations.”

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