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Cannabis Legalization Advances In Mexico’s Senate

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Mexico has been on the cusp of legalizing cannabis for adult use since late 2018 when Mexico’s Supreme Court issued a ruling that struck down cannabis prohibition as being unconstitutional.

As part of the decision, Mexico’s Supreme Court mandated that lawmakers pass legislation that implemented the Court’s ruling and create a regulated adult-use cannabis industry.

Multiple extensions had to be granted because lawmakers in Mexico failed to meet the initial one-year Court deadline, as well as subsequent deadlines.

Some of the deadlines could not be met due to COVID, however, part of the blame lies squarely on lawmakers that have failed to get on the same page. Fortunately, there is movement in Mexico’s Senate, as reported by Marijuana Moment:

A bill to legalize marijuana in Mexico moved another step closer to final floor consideration in the Senate on Tuesday.

While the chamber approved the legislation last year, it then passed in revised form in the Chamber of Deputies last month and was sent back to the Senate for final consideration. On Tuesday, a second Senate committee advanced the amended legislation, with one more panel set to take it up before it moves to the floor.

The Second Legislative Studies Committee approved the bill one day after the Justice Committee cleared it. The next stop for the proposal is the Health Committee, which could happen as soon as Wednesday—setting up potential action by the full body on Thursday.

Many times lawmakers in Mexico have indicated that they ‘have it’ when it comes to getting a measure to the finish line just for the claims to fizzle.

At this point, it’s best to be cautiously optimistic. If Mexico finally legalizes cannabis for adult use before any other country beats them to it, Mexico will be the third country to legalize recreational cannabis behind Uruguay and Canada.