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Cannabis Import/Export Regulations Are Coming To Jamaica Soon

cannabis plant in jamaica cannabis plant in jamaica

Jamaica has a long and rich history with the cannabis plant. Cannabis has been a part of Jamaica’s culture for many decades and has been a driving force for the Caribbean island nation’s unregulated industry.

In recent years Jamaica has implemented cannabis industry regulations, with the Cannabis Licensing Authority having granted 54 licenses so far. The country’s emerging legal cannabis industry will likely get a big boost in the near future with import and export regulations expected to be finalized soon. Per Jamaica Observer:

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Audley Shaw, says Jamaicans can expect the import/export regulations for cannabis soon.

Speaking Wednesday (August 14) at the official opening of SENSI Medical Cannabis House at the Pulse Centre in New Kingston, Shaw said work is being done on the draft of the regulations by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) and other agencies of Government.

“Through the work of the CLA, we [Government] are now in receipt of the first draft of the import/export regulations for cannabis for final review and discussion, which upon enactment, will give the CLA jurisdiction or the statutory authority to handle requests for import/export of inflorescence/flower and extract/resin,” the minister said.

“It’s moving between the various agencies, [such as] the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General’s Department, the Chief Parliamentary Counsel and the CLA,” he added.

If/when Jamaica implements regulations, and exports and imports officially launch, Jamaica will join a growing list of countries that are taking their cannabis industries global. Hopefully soon Jamaica will take its rightful spot as an international cannabis supplier.

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