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Cannabis Companies Going Public-Learn the Latest at the ICBC

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Cannabis has had a banner year politically and financially in 2018 and that success has brought in big companies across various sectors, including alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries. The biggest cannabis companies continue to get bigger and it clearly takes capital to thrive, regardless of your market, but definitely in the United State as exporting across state lines isn’t allowed…yet. To survive the heavy onslaught of well-capitalized competitors, more and more U.S. businesses are not only learning from their Canadian counterparts, but they are also literally becoming Canadian, and going public in the Great White North, as Marketwatch explained:

That is why the Canadian Securities Exchange has become a destination for cannabis companies, especially a wave of U.S.-based pot companies that grow and sell marijuana despite federal prohibition in their home country. Major U.S. exchanges like the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange, as well as the Toronto Stock Exchange — Canada’s most prominent home for share issuances — and sister exchange TSX Venture, will not list companies that break U.S. federal law, but the CSE is more than willing to help them raise money.

“It’s about companies wanting to raise capital for growth, to finance acquisitions,” CSE Chief Executive Richard Carleton said. “Many were private companies who have bootstrapped themselves and had some very hard slogging on the private investment side. An important aspect is that listing provides some liquidity for investors.”

As Canadian cannabis companies like Aurora Cannabis Inc., Cronos Group Inc., and Tilray Inc. have managed to list on large U.S. and Canadian exchanges, Carleton said that U.S. companies have taken note and are saying to themselves, “We’re a way better company,” and are seeking their own listing. The CSE is the place for that, and listing there allows U.S. pot companies access to over-the-counter exchanges in the U.S. and potential entry into foreign exchanges in Europe and elsewhere.”

With over a million visitors a month, Stockhouse is Canada’s #1 financial portal and one of North America’s largest investor communities period, making the company a great partner for the Canadian Securities Exchange to explain the ins and outs of going public at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco this February 7-8, 2019. As going public in Canada becomes more widely known, there isn’t a better time to learn from the regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs who know it the best.

Get your early-bird tickets for the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco by January 18th to secure your spot and save. After San Francisco, the ICBC will be hosting exciting events in BarcelonaBerlinZurich, and Vancouver throughout the year.

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