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Cannabis Beer the Latest Twist of an Ancient Tradition

Big Alcohol and canabis

In Canada, residents and tourists may soon have the ability to cheers with cannabis beer and various cannabis-infused beverages. Constellation Brands and Molson Coors have both announced intentions to develop cannabis drinks that adults can sip starting on October 17th in the Great White North. The move by beer companies to jump into the marijuana market are smart on at least two fronts-by getting a piece of a multi-billion dollar burgeoning industry and to recoup some potential financial losses as there’s some evidence that legal cannabis can cut into the profits of alcohol companies. The development of cannabis beer builds upon a tradition that potentially goes back over 10,000 years as Haartz reported:

Creating cannabis beer involves more than merely ashing a joint in your stein. It involves dripping marijuana oil in your stein. Or you can have a manufacturer do that for you, and save yourself the trouble of finding a head shop that legally sells marijuana oil.


At another level, spiking with cannabinoids is merely the latest chapter in the great history of experimenting with beer, which goes back to the dawn of civilization.

We cannot know when beer was first invented. Troughs that archaeologists suspect were used to make beer were found at none other than Göbekli Tepe, the prehistoric site in eastern Turkey dating to around 11,000 years ago. Many archaeologists believe Göbekli Tepe is the first temple ever to be built. (Others disagree and argue that the massive stone sculptures adorned houses.)

Whether these alcohol companies are actually creating cannabis beer or just cannabis-infused beverages, getting marijuana in liquid form will probably prove to be a popular option for many consumers. Cannabis beverages allow imbibers to ingest THC, CBD, and the multitude of other cannabinoids without ingesting smoke or creating a distinctive smell. As alcohol companies see the cannabis revenue created in Canada and legal states in the U.S., we can expect more entries into the cannabis industry from Big Alcohol and craft businesses alike. The potential for cannabis beer and other infused beverages to create new choices for consumers and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors is certainly something to keep an eye on for those in the cannabis industry, or thinking of joining.

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