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Canadian Cannabis Job Market Heating Up Along With the Industry

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While the regulated Canadian cannabis industry has grown at a slower pace than many expected, the market is heating up as more retailers and other licensees come online. Recent months have seen record-breaking sales and the revenue numbers should continue to climb as regulatory headaches are overcome. One major hurdle for the industry has been the lack of concentrates, extracts, and infused edibles and other products, but companies will be able to add those new revenue streams by the end of the year, just in time for Christmas.

Even when cannabis products hit the shelves in December, there will likely be supply issues and a cautious licensing approach, so sales will probably ramp up throughout most of 2020. With the Canadian Chamber of Commerce establishing a working group to advocate on behalf of the cannabis industry, hopefully the Great White North will reduce regulations to truly harness the potential of its industry. Employment opportunities are heating up along with the cannabis market, and we can expect that trend to continue so long as regulatory backlogs don’t hinder the market.  Cultivation company Hexo Corp has reportedly been hiring up to 30 new employees a week, and some companies have been importing workers to meet its needs.

Of course budtenders, growers, and retail store managers will be in demand as the market expands. The Daily Hive reported on some other emerging jobs in the Canadian cannabis industry:

Lab technician

Lab work is an integral part of the cannabis industry, and it will continue that way as the industry evolves with new products and technologies. Consequently, the demand for lab technicians is high. In general, if you’re considering working in this role you should have experience working in a lab, along with a degree in a science such as microbiology.

QA manager

Almost every large-scale company has a quality department to ensure benchmarks are met and adequate testing is adhered to. The same goes for cannabis producers, which is why the demand is high for these positions. QA managers are responsible for approving batches of cannabis before they’re released for sale to clients.

Master extractor

The master extractor takes charge in ensuring that any assigned cannabis labs keep a high standard of cleanliness, as well as overseeing everything from extraction to the cleaning of the facility. Many of the people hired for this position have PhD qualifications.

The cannabis industry’s potential is great, but it isn’t for the faint of heart. It does really help if you truly care about the plant and want to be a part of a movement that is helping patients with their medical ailments and keeping cannabis consumers from harmful legal repercussions. It is easy to see that the future is bright, so if you are in the cannabis industry and want to take your work to the next level, or you are thinking of joining, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, this September 15-16 is the place to be. Secure your discounted, early bird tickets by August 21st to save.


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