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Canadian Cannabis on the Island of Malta?

Oh Canada

Canadian cannabis seems to be a hot commodity these days, as more countries come online to initiate programs for medical patients. It makes sense that countries are looking for reliable sources as new national cannabis policies are spreading across the globe. Canadians even appear to be making inroads where cannabis isn’t legal yet.

Earlier this week, a very major laboratory outfit on the Island of Malta called ASG Pharma, was purchased by one of Canada’s major players in the industry, Nuuvera Inc.

From The Independent:

“‘ASG Pharma, one of the few GMP labs in Malta, is expected to be one of Nuuvera’s hubs for the production and distribution of oil-based medical cannabis products to the emerging European medical cannabis market,’ a company statement read.

“Nuuvera’s CEO, Lorne Abony, said ‘It is clear that Malta specifically and the European Union generally intend to make consumer protection a priority, and this approach aligns perfectly with our vision to create a centre of excellence in Malta for the production and distribution of pharmaceutical grade cannabis products. To that end, ASG Pharma will adhere to the highest international standards for processing and extraction, distribution and security protocols.’

“…Antonio Costanzo, Nuuvera’s Head of International Development, said “The ASG Pharma acquisition is one in a series of deals which will continue to increase Nuuvera’s global footprint in the medical cannabis industry. We will continue to build on our strong Canadian base with strategic international operations and partners in order to provide the consumer with the highest quality medical cannabis at a competitive price.”

It is clear that the momentum behind the global cannabis movement is unstoppable at this point. The countries, businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors that are ahead of the curve are poised to be industry leaders. Canada and Canadian businesses seem to understand the coming worldwide marijuana market better than most. The rest of the world (C’mon US!) is playing catch up.

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