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Canadian Cannabis Company Aphria Hiring Extractors

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Recently, Cannabis At Work’s business report detailed the rising salaries for cannabis cultivators in Canada, with quality assurance personnel making an average salary of CA$91,300 and master growers pulling in about CA$79,700. The increased demand (and increased pay) for growers makes sense as companies currently licensed to serve medical patients gear up for the increased demand of the upcoming adult-use market that is likely to rival the Canadian wine industry.

As the Canadian federal government finalizes the national legalization law, expected to allow sales this August or September, it appears that extractors will also be in demand. Aphria, Canada’s third-largest cannabis cultivator, just announced that the company is searching for skilled extractors.

CBC spoke with Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld about the company’s search for extractors after the company announced a planned $225 million expansion with $55 million designated towards cannabis extraction:

“As we ponder what the next 12 months of adult use in Canada is going to be … there is language in [federal Bill] C-45 that indicates that government is prepared to advance other product offerings with a cannabis space to it,” said Neufeld.

The cannabis extracts will be used to make edible products like chocolate bars, tea bags, and rapid-dissolve technology like Listerine strips.

Neufeld said he’s searching right across North America to find employees who can make these products happen.

The potential market for cannabis extracts in Canada will largely rest upon the regulatory obstacles placed upon the industry, but if regulations are reasonable, we can expect extracts (and concentrates) to be a significant portion of cannabis sales with growth potential. After a few years of legalized sales, extracts, concentrates, and edibles made up a third of the market in Colorado and almost half of the sales in Oregon. There’s no reason to expect Canada’s experience to be that much different as consumers learn of new products that become widely available after legalizing and regulating cannabis commerce. If you are a skilled cannabis extractor, the Great White North is calling.

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