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Canadian Cannabis Companies Eyeing German Marijuana Market


The expansion of Germany’s medical cannabis laws has understandably gotten a lot of international attention. Germany is one of the world’s economic and political leaders, so major marijuana developments around bound to cause ripples around the globe. Responding to the increase in demand for medical cannabis by German patients, more marijuana will be imported from the Netherlands and Canadian company Canopy Growth recently announced the purchase of a German medical distributor. Additionally, there are signs that several localities are contemplating measures to legalizing cannabis for all adults.

Not surprisingly, other Canadian companies are closely monitoring new opportunities in Germany.  New Cannabis Ventures covered statements from CEOs of prominent Canadian cannabis companies regarding the advancements of the German medical cannabis systems.

“Germany is absolutely most recently very much on our radar, and we are engaged in dialogue with two different organizations, but we haven’t got to anything formal like a letter of intent,” Vic Neufeld of CEO of Aphria.

“But the nuances, of course, are the announcements that we’ve heard from Germany. But we have eight countries that we’re speaking with at various levels, and those discussions are all ongoing, and we expect to see something happening in early sales provided that the licensing amendments come through as we need, and then we’ll start to see how that propels,” Brent Zettl of CanniMed Therapeutics.

“Our intent though is, in most countries, to go in where it’s 100 percent corporate store, which is why in November, we acquired the company that had been our export partner, so we actually have our boots on the ground in Germany to work through the process rather than, you know, a JV and everybody’s not aligned,” Bruce Linton of Canopy Growth.

With the great interest in its expanding medical cannabis system and the momentum towards ending cannabis prohibition for recreational use, Germany is poised to be a true international marijuana powerhouse. More and more entrepreneurs, businesses and investors will be looking to move into the growing German cannabis market and now is the time to learn the latest and network with those in the German industry or are thinking of entering it.

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