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Canada’s Namaste Technologies Seeking to Be the “Amazon of Cannabis”


Yesterday I told you about a company striving to be the “Starbucks of Cannabis”, and today I bring you another industry start-up – this one aspiring to be the “Amazon of Cannabis”.

Canadian-based business Namaste Technologies Inc. is already a force to be reckoned with. Currently operating in 20 different countries over various different websites, Namaste primarily barters in vaporizers and other cannabis smoking accessories. Now, the company’s founders are looking to grow their model as a provider for all cannabis consumption needs.

Yahoo News reports:

“It’s a technological middle man, partnering with and giving exposure to other licensed producers. Since they’re strictly a platform — bringing the product from producer directly to the customer — there are zero overhead costs. Namaste Technologies can import cannabis at a much cheaper rate than brick-and-mortar dispensaries, growers or wholesale warehouses.

“Namaste is also behind an app called NamasteMD. Available for Android or iPhone, the application allows Canadians seeking medical treatment with marijuana to apply for and be assessed for a medical marijuana license right from their smartphone. It also provides Namaste Technologies with a ready-made customer base to buy the cannabis they sell.

“‘Our idea is you could be shopping on, not even thinking of buying cannabis from us, and a pop-up appears saying, ‘Hey, do you need a medical license?’ Immediately, like Uber connects customers to service providers, we connect you instantly to a nurse practitioner or doctor who will get you your license within four minutes for free,’ says Dollinger. “We then throw you on where you can complete your transaction for cannabis from any licensed producer across Canada.'”

The company claims to be building a database of 300 vaporizer customers daily in the UK, adding to the cool half million global customers Namaste currently boasts.

I don’t know if Namaste will become “The Amazon of Cannabis” but by selling legal products which are likely being purchased by cannabis consumers living in prohibition markets, they might be on to something. Information is key to success in any business, and it sounds like Namaste is collecting a good amount. Personally, I think I will declare it game over when Namaste purchases their first cannabis consumer-targeted organic grocery store chain.

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