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California Bureau of Cannabis Control Wisely Allows Statewide Deliveries


The Bureau of Cannabis Control just released its draft rules which now go into a 30-day review process before the Office of Administrative Law. While there are certainly pluses and minuses of the draft rules that will be debated by the cannabis industry and other stakeholders of the coming months, the decision by the BCC to allow for statewide deliveries, even into areas that have banned licensed cannabis businesses, is a wise move.

Prohibiting the delivery of cannabis and infused products into cities and counties that don’t allow regulated stores, producers, and processers unnecessarily stifles the industry and is completely counterproductive. Banning cannabis sales within a jurisdiction doesn’t stop people from purchasing and consuming marijuana, it merely forces people to drive longer distances or pushes people into the illegal market. Patients with mobility issues are the ones most harmed by delivery bans. The BCC should be commended for this common-sense decision. Unfortunately, there is strong opposition to the statewide delivery decision, so the fight isn’t quite over, as The Press Democrat reports:

Law enforcement groups and the California League of Cities opposed the move, arguing that pot deliveries to places that ban cannabis erodes local government control and will increase crime in those areas.

The matter has been one of the most debated issues as state regulators hammer out permanent rules for how marijuana is grown, tested, packaged and delivered.

The delivery issue was included in regulations drafted by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, which issues most retail permits. The rules will become law in 30 days unless California’s Office of Administrative Law objects. The dispute could end up in court.

Hopefully, the BCC’s decision on statewide deliveries will stand. It will be a shame for hard-working Californians and the state to needlessly lose out on revenue because of some Reefer Madness nonsense that regulated cannabis deliveries will increase crime. Statewide deliveries reduce crime on their face because they curtail illegal, unregulated sales. If the delivery decision stands, it will be great if other states, like Oregon, will also follow suit. To stay on top of all of California’s cannabis rules, to ask questions of the top regulators directly, and network with top investors and entrepreneurs, be sure to attend the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco this February 7-8, 2019. To ensure your spot and save some money, be sure to purchase your early-bird tickets by January 18th. After San Francisco, the ICBC will be heading to Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, and Vancouver. Get your early-bird tickets to secure your place at the world’s premier global industry event.

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