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Brazilian Researchers Determine That CBD Is Safe For Dogs

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An area of the emerging cannabis industry that is often overlooked is cannabis products for pets. Worldwide, it is estimated that over half of the households around the globe own a pet and many of those households own more than one pet.

The most popular pet type around the world is dogs, with as many as 33% of households around the planet estimated to own at least one dog. With that in mind, any product that can effectively and safely help dogs live better lives is obviously something that there would be a tremendous demand for.

Medical cannabis products for pets is still a very young sector within the emerging cannabis industry, and quite a bit of research is needed to help ensure product safety.

However, at the macro level, cannabis appears to be safe for pets, especially cannabidiol, as long as it’s administered in the right dosage level. Below is more information about it via an abstract of a recent study conducted in Brazil:

The review was systematically performed in Medline (via Pubmed®) and Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature (LILACS) databases, with period restriction (between 1990 and 2021). The qualified articles (n=19), which met the previously established inclusion criteria, were critically evaluated.

Based on the literature review, it is possible to infer safety in the administration of cannabis-based products for the treatment of dogs, especially products rich in cannabidiol (CBD), free or with low concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol, under the conditions evaluated. In addition, CBD products potentially promote improved quality of life and reduce pain perception in animals affected by canine osteoarthritis.

Finally, owing to the lack of large-scale and robust clinical research studies, the performance of clinical trials, considering the individual characteristics of each cannabis-based product (composition, concentration, nature of adjuvants, dosage form, route of administration), is strongly encouraged.

Now, before you run out and grab the nearest cannabis product that you can find and try to give it to your dog, keep the results of this study in context.

Dogs are far more sensitive to medications than humans, and not only is it important to get the right medical cannabis product designed specifically for a dog of a specific size, it is also important to use the right dosage level and use the right consumption method.

Check with a veterinarian prior to administering medical cannabis products to your dog or any other pet that you may have.

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