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Border War: Americans Set to Invade Canada…for Cannabis

Canadian cannabis flag

Rightwing provocateur Alex Jones recently received some well-deserved ridicule for claiming that American liberals were going to start a Second Civil War this past July 4th, a prediction that, of course, went up in flames. Even with that caveat, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict an American invasion of Canada on October 17th this year. No, Donald Trump’s and Justin Trudeau’s Twitter feud won’t escalate into a war, but the Great White North can expect a lot of Americans, especially those from states without legal cannabis, to flock to our northern border to purchase the first fully federally legal available for sale to any tourist.

The Washington Post reported:

Few places will be as affected as Blaine, where Interstate 5 hits the Canadian border, and Windsor, where the Detroit skyline is visible across the Detroit River. Thousands cross the border each day at the two cities for work or other reasons — Windsor’s mayor said he often ducks over to Detroit for lunch at a favorite Thai restaurant, traversing one of the nation’s busiest crossings for trade.

Windsor has long been a party destination for young Americans because 19-year-olds can legally drink and gamble there, two years earlier than in most of the United States. The city is fully expecting tourists of all ages to come smoke marijuana, which is legal for medical purposes in Michigan; a question on the November ballot asks Michiganders whether to make it legal for adult recreational use.

At Higher Limits Cannabis Lounge, where adults smoke medical marijuana while sitting on couches or bar stools and smoking devices including bongs are prominently displayed, co-owner Jon Liedtke has big plans to welcome American tourists. ”We definitely are not going to miss out on the opportunity,” he said.

I am so happy for the Canadian cannabis community as they welcome a day free of so many unnecessary arrests and an era that will bring more jobs and revenue to their local communities. Also, October 17th will be a great day for legalization supporters around the world as we will all be one step closer to ending the failed, harmful, and racist policy of cannabis prohibition. More localities and nations won’t be able to resist legalization after Canada’s success gets prominent media attention.

My fellow Americans, if you are traveling to Canada to celebrate legal cannabis, please be respectful of our more polite neighbors and obey local laws and regulations and generally just be nice. Pretend that you’re Canadian if that helps. And when you head back into the United States and see drug dogs at the border and feel that sense of panic that maybe you didn’t completely get rid of all of the marijuana you bought in Canada, use that feeling to add fuel to your activist fervor. Personally, I feel terrible when I feel less free in the United States than I do in a foreign country. Let’s use Canada as an example and know that the end of prohibition is within our grasp. We just have to continue to work hard and spread the truth about cannabis. Eventually, the truth shall set us free. Well as free as Canadians anyway.

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