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Limited Legalization Measure Introduced In Ireland

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny has formally filed an adult-use legalization measure that would legalize cannabis possession for people 18 years old or older in Ireland. The long-anticipated measure was introduced late last week, and if passed into law, would legalize the personal possession of...

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Romania’s Parliament Debates Medical Cannabis Reform

Earlier this week a medical cannabis policy reform debate was held in Romania. Organized by Romania’s Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies in conjunction with the Victoria Mea Association, the passionate discussion focused on debating the benefits of medicinal cannabis with a focus on public...

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Increased Safe Access In Poland Is A Good Thing

Poland may not be the first country that you think of when the topic of medical cannabis comes up, however, the country is currently experiencing a medical cannabis revolution of sorts, thanks in large part to how access to medical cannabis is determined. In a concept that should not be seen in any...

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Legalization Moves A Step Closer In Colombia

Colombia has served in many ways as ‘ground zero’ for the war on drugs over several decades, and while cocaine was largely the focus of eradication and enforcement efforts, cannabis has played a significant role in the South American country as well. Infamous cannabis smugglers in the...

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U.S. Congress Passes Historic Cannabis Bill

In many ways the United States has historically served as ground zero for the war on cannabis. The U.S. is not the only country to prohibit cannabis at the national level, however, decades ago it largely led the charge in support of cannabis prohibition and wielded its international influence to make...

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