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Danish Cannabis Pilot Program Reaching End of First Year, A Model for Others to Follow

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While it has gotten decidedly less English-speaking press than other countries in Europe on the front edge of cannabis reform, Denmark’s pilot four-year cannabis program is chugging along nicely and can help provide a model for other European Union nations. The four-year program was authorized to begin on January 1, 2018. Major Canadian cannabis companies

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Big Canadian Producers Announce Major German and EU Moves

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As the German cultivation bid deadline ticks down, the big Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs) are solidifying their presence in Germany and far beyond across Europe. Two, in particular, have made major announcements last week, coming hot on the heels of Aurora’s Polish expansion. Canopy Growth Corporation, continues to move aggressively across Europe to solidify its

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Cannabis Tourism in Greece – The “Nevada” of Europe?


As cannabis firms divvy up the cannabis production map of continental Europe, a new player on the Eurocannabis scene is starting to make waves. If not establish itself. As of October 9, Greece has now issued its first medical production license. The Greek government has, as a result, now issued cultivation permission to the intriguingly

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