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Israel Legalizes Medical Cannabis Exports

flag of israel

On January 27, the Israeli government announced the final approval of a new law allowing the export of Israeli-grown medical cannabis. This marks the final removal of barriers for Israeli firms to enter into a now booming global cannabis market and launches Israel as the third country after Canada and the Netherlands, to legally export…

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More EU Nations Moving Toward Regulating Cannabis

Marijuana buds in hand

The third week of January brings fresh signs that wide-spread cannabis reform is afoot across the European Union. Several countries are already announcing that this year will probably be a watershed year for reform both on a country-by-country basis as well as a regional one, although so far, it appears that medical reform will be…

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Nation by Nation: Italian Senator Introduces Legalization Proposal

Italian Flag

Matteo Mantero, an Italian senator, has introduced a bill to legalize the cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis and its derivatives in Italy. The consumption of cannabis (in particular low THC CBD) which is called “Cannabis Light,” has begun to catch on here. Italy’s cannabis laws are confusing – and not just for foreigners. The…

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The Green of the Irish Set to Supply the UK (and Beyond?)

Flag of Ireland

Irish GreenLight Medicines, a cannabis company based in Dublin and founded in 2014 has just closed a deal with SOL Global, a Canadian Listed investment group for 25% of the company. SOL Global is an international investment company headed by Rob Reid, also an emerging and powerful player based in the UK but with connections…

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Is France Finally Moving Forward on Cannabis Law Reform?

Flag of France

France is the largest country in Europe that has, so far, not moved forward on cannabis law reform. That now may be changing. In mid-December, 2018 a panel of experts set up by the French Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) recommended the authorization of cannabis for medical purposes. On the 27th of December, the ANSM…

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Switzerland: A Hotbed for Cannabis Law Reform

cannabis plant

Switzerland has developed its own brand of cannabis reform over the last several years. Low THC cannabis is now sold in shops. Cannabis is now used by about 200,000 people. The country has now proposed pilot programs to make it easier for people with chronic conditions like MS or cancer to access the drug and,…

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A Green Reign in Spain? Podemos Party Pushes For Legalization

cannabis grown by Cannafornia

For the past several years, the Spanish cannabis industry has developed in leaps and bounds. Production of CBD and THC has expanded across the country. The club scene in Barcelona has continued to flourish, albeit with setbacks. The industry, however, much like in the United States, has flourished without federal legal protection. Much like Holland,…

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A First for Southeast Asia: Thailand Legalizes Medical Cannabis


December 25, Christmas Day, 2018, was a big day for cannabis reform globally. Not only did Israel legalize exports, but Thailand’s legislature also voted unanimously to allow licensed medical use of the drug along with kratom, a locally grown plant used both as a stimulant and painkiller. The move was described as a “New Year’s…

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Trump Objects No More? Israel Poised to Export Cannabis to Germany and Beyond.

Cannabis plant

In a widely expected move, the Israeli parliament, or Knesset, unanimously approved a bill to export medical cannabis on Christmas Day. The last catch is that the bill must be approved by the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers. However since the bill was drafted by the governing Likud Party, this is likely to be merely…

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