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Trump Seeks Comment for International Cannabis Reform

Donald Trump Fist Up

Are The UN and European Parliament Finally Prompting White House To Shift Cannabis Policy? Both the European Parliament and the UN have now weighed in on rescheduling and descheduling the cannabis plant and cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. Now the FDA, by the Trump Administration, is seeking comments from the general public about the same. One of the…

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German Domestic Cannabis Cultivation Bid Coming to a Head

Cannabis Plants

Wayland Corporation announced a major victory in Germany last week. The company received GMP certification for its Ebersbach facility near Dresden, in eastern Germany. The timing of the certification is certainly favorable, coming just two months before the German cultivation bid (round 2) is supposed to be announced and, just like last time, presumably have…

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2019: The European “Year of Cannabis”

Map of Europe

There are clearly “banner years” for the modern age of cannabis reform that can be marked, by canna-historians, in different regions, states and countries. The turning of the century marked the beginning of constitutional protections for reasonable access to medicinal cannabis for approved patients (see Canada). In the second decade of the century, this watershed…

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More EU Nations Moving Toward Regulating Cannabis

Marijuana buds in hand

The third week of January brings fresh signs that wide-spread cannabis reform is afoot across the European Union. Several countries are already announcing that this year will probably be a watershed year for reform both on a country-by-country basis as well as a regional one, although so far, it appears that medical reform will be…

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