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How Clean Is The Cannabis Industry?

As the CannTrust scandal continues to reverberate around Europe, a question is clearly in the room this fall – is this problem just isolated in one country in Europe (Denmark) or is it more widespread? Specifically, in a mostly import driven business, has Germany, the largest medical cannabis market in the world right now, dodged

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Tilray’s Portuguese Facility Ships To Germany


In one of the more intriguing cross-European canna developments this summer, Tilray announced its first cross-European shipment. The shipment was estimated to be worth more than $3 million and shipped from Portugal to Germany in late August. The German distributor that Tilray is working with is also of note – Cannamedical, the second indie distributor

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Is Cannabis A Constitutional Question?

gavel court trial constitution cannabis marijuana

As the discussion about cannabis access in Europe continues to progress, albeit slowly, based on the legislative mandates of lawmakers and regulatory policies driven by medical efficacy, there is an additional conversation afoot. Namely, is the right to access affordable medical cannabis actually something more fundamental? In two countries, Canada and Mexico, this is the

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Thai Surprise: Country Warned By International Bodies Over Cannabis Liberalization Plans

thailand flag

For all of its enthusiastic entry into the legal cannabis space of late, Thailand has also caught the attention of international regulators (specifically the International Narcotics Control Board INCB). In fact, the agency recently issued a warning to the government to go slow when it comes to bucking a century of prohibition. Thailand has already

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Outdoor Growing: Another Canadian Cannabis Innovation Suitable For Export?

marijuana leaves

With the news that Health Canada has authorized outdoor cultivation (see Aurora), the entire cultivation conversation has now shifted into interesting new territory. And not just in Canada. Never mind that these first two sites will be used for research (for both indoor and outdoor grown strains). For the first time, since grow operations initiated

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