Author: Marguerite Arnold

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Home Grow In Italy: Just Around The Corner?

The country is poised to follow a trend seen in multiple European countries – namely introducing recreational reform with a limited home grow option Italy may join the European club of countries allowing home grow by the end of the year. A bill to allow home cultivation of up to four plants...

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Germany Parliament

The German Cannabis Legalization Hearings

The several weeks-long hearing process has now come to an end. These are the takeaway high points The hearings on the legalization of recreational cannabis are now a thing of the past. Announced in early June, they have now taken place and some clarity about the direction and timing of the German...

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Employment Law And Cannabis In South Africa

An employment case over personal (and medical use) has caught the attention of a country in transition on cannabis reform The issue of cannabis use and employment is a sticky one. For Americans old enough to remember it, mandatory drug testing for most kinds of employment became a reality in the...

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