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Serious Cannabis Legalization Efforts Kick Off in the United Kingdom

UK flag England outline

The British press has picked up coverage of the cannabis industry lately, noticing that two special interest groups, with funding including from Canadian cannabis companies, could start making serious political noise at the Parliamentary level. This serious lobbying effort is coinciding with the emergence of Crispin Blunt, a conservative MP who also is currently leading

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A Strong Majority of Londoners Want Freedom From Cannabis Prohibition


63% of Londoners Support Full Legalization: What’s Next? The Evening Standard, like many of its Fleet Street contemporaries, is beginning to pick up the cannabis scent in the United Kingdom. In fact, a poll just run by the Standard, finds that amongst their readers at least, 63% of the people polled support full legalization. The

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Will Switzerland Soon Start Exporting Cannabis Into Germany and the EU?

Swiss flag

With the news that both the first German bid has concluded and that Macedonia seems poised to import cannabis into the European Union, there has been increased interest in who can import cannabis into Germany, if not the EU and beyond. Could Switzerland become a major source of cannabinoid medications in Europe? The International Cannabis

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Germany, Switzerland, UK, & More: Big European Cannabis News Abounds

European map

The forces currently shaping the European cannabis map are intriguing this spring and from several directions. For the latest developments in Europe and across the globe, there will be no better place learn and network with those leading the way, than at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Zurich with Cannatrade. In the meantime, here

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