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How Much Does Your Medical Cannabis Cost?

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The question of patient access, just about everywhere, comes down to not only a way to easily obtain one’s cannabis, but also to be able to afford it. Patients just about everywhere (with a few exceptions) are still struggling with both issues. In The US… Cannabis is not federally legal yet. However, economics in many

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A Focus On German Patients: What Do They Still Face?

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At an undisclosed location, somewhere in Bavaria, a group of activists met on the first weekend of November. They were drawn there by their friendships and their long-time struggles to gain access to medical cannabis. All of them were sick. But for all the disabilities, across a range and spectrum of chronic conditions, there was

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The IACM Pushes The Medical Conversation Globally

International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines

Dr. Grotenhermen, the charismatic canna doc you might have seen or encountered in the world of ground-breaking medical cannabis science auf Deutschland, was on stage a lot in Berlin last week. He and a group of world-famous scientists, doctors, and medical researchers came together, as they do once every two years, for the bi-annual meeting

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France Authorizes A Cannabis Experiment

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On October 25, the French National Assembly finally gave the green light to a national experiment with medical cannabis. This has been in the offing for some time. As of now, the French government is finally willing to give the cannabis discussion a two-year trial. The Medicines Agency has already signed off. Cannabis will be

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What Is Going On With Portugal’s Cannabis Industry?


Licensing is underway in Portugal, although the competition is as fierce as it is in many other markets. The government changes rules, slowly, then opens up the gates and then everyone rushes (or tries to rush in). The interesting thing about Portugal right now from an international perspective (certainly in Europe) is how the country

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Cannabis The Commodity – Crisis Or Opportunity?

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It has now been almost six years since Colorado started its recreational cannabis experiment on the state level. In Canada, it’s been a year. But what is on the table now that cannabis is becoming commoditized – for good and for bad? 1. The sickest, poorest patients are generally not obtaining adequate access anywhere. This

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