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Are Prices For U.S. CBD Products About To Drop Significantly?

cannabis oil cbd

The popularity of CBD has increased exponentially in the last few years. For many decades consumers focused on THC, however, that has evolved a great deal in the second half of this decade. CBD has been billed as possessing a number of wellness qualities, with some claims being well-founded and others not. Unfortunately, there is

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Report: U.S. House To Vote On Cannabis Banking Bill Later This Month


In order for the emerging cannabis industry to reach its full potential comprehensive federal banking reform will be required. The legal cannabis industry in the United States is conducting billions of dollars worth of transactions annually, with a vast majority of them being cash-based. Consumers would likely prefer to pay for their cannabis via electronic

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Four Reasons Why The Cannabis Industry Could Become Larger Than The Alcohol Industry

alcohol industry

Alcohol sales in the United States topped $250 billion dollars in 2018. By comparison, the legal United States cannabis industry sold roughly $10 billion dollars worth of cannabis in 2018. Without some context, that might seem like the cannabis industry is small potatoes, however, the numbers are misleading. The alcohol industry is legal in every

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Canadian Attorney Is Preparing A Court Challenge Against Incoming Rules For Cannabis Edibles, Extracts, And Topicals

John Conroy canada attorney

In June, Canadian cannabis industry regulators published their final rules regarding THC limits for cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals. The rules, which are set to take effect in October, leave a lot to be desired. That is especially true for cannabis edibles, which have a limit of 10 mg of THC per package. To put

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