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Check Out Cultiva Hemp Expo And Congress October 11-13, 2019 In Austria

Cultiva Hemp Fair And Congress

The International Cannabis Business Conference is urging all of our fans and followers to check out Cultiva Hemp and Congress October 11-13 in Vösendorf, Austria. Below is more information about the event (tickets can be purchased at: https://www.cultiva.at/index.php/de/): Here all revolves around the useful and medical plant hemp in all its fascinating facets. The usage

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Psychedelics For Healing: The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference FTR Dennis McKenna, Jamie Wheal, Wade Davis And More…

Spiritual Plant Medicine Conference

As an attendee and supporter of the International Cannabis Business Conference, our friends at the Conscious Living Network and Spirit Plant Medicine Conference wanted to share a special offer with you. As many of you know, we’re in a remarkable historical time period. The tide is turning and after decades of ignorance and repression of

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Europe’s Largest Cannabis Producer Strikes Swiss-UK Deal

cannabis seedling plant

The international cannabis community continues to become more integrated as nation after nation establishes federal regulations. Canada, the first G7 country to end prohibition, has given their companies a head start, but others are starting to catch up with positive reforms catching fire across Europe and Israel and Latin America are starting to export as

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263 Million Cannabis Consumers and Taxation – A Delicate Balance


With 263 million estimated global cannabis consumers and a total addressable market of $344 billion (illicit and legal combined), cannabis is poised to make a material impact on the global economy. As the cannabis markets in Europe, Latin America, Asia and even Africa are beginning to take shape, one commonly overlooked regulatory detail is the

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The 2019 ICBC European Trek Begins Today! Barcelona → Berlin → Zurich

european cities

Alex Rogers, the founder and CEO of the International Cannabis Business Conference knew that the global cannabis industry was going to advance quickly when he first pulled together his event-planning team in 2014, but even he’s surprised at the rate the movement has expanded. With a humble beginning in Portland, Oregon, before the state became

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Check Out the Three Minute ICBC Rockumentary!


The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) brings its trademark blend of business, politics, and culture to every city, helping the ICBC quickly establish itself as the premier global industry event, and the ICBC San Francisco this past February was no different. This three-minute “rockumentary” provides a great look into why the ICBC is such a

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Recent European Cannabis News Has Industry Analysts Bullish

European map

The European cannabis market experienced three major developments during the first two weeks of February. Just one of these milestones would be rather significant, but combined together, and with so many previous advancements, they further demonstrate the strong momentum that the European industry has as positive reforms sweep across the continent. The World Health Organization and

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