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End Cannabis Prohibition to Stop “Overproduction”

Cannabis Plants

Oregon cannabis businesses producing more marijuana consumers purchase continues to make headlines and the so-called “oversupply problem” has drawn the ire of Billy Williams, the United States Attorney for Oregon. Williams released a memo detailing his law enforcement priorities for cannabis in Oregon after Attorney General Jeff Sessions repealed the Obama administration’s enforcement policy that

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Big Alcohol Making Big Moves in the Canadian Cannabis Market

For years, cannabis legalization activists heard stories about how Big Tobacco companies were poised to sell marijuana as they already had the infrastructure to cultivate the plant and package pre-rolls on a massive scale. After reformers had success in the 1970s decriminalizing personal use, some American tobacco execs did their due diligence to research the possibility

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Congress Moves to Protect Medical Cannabis from Jeff Sessions, but What About Recreational?

U.S. House of Representatives

It’s no secret what Jeff Sessions thinks about cannabis. Donald Trump’s “beleaguered” Attorney General famously once uttered that, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” after all. While the AG’s boss has apparently cut a deal with Republican Senator Cory Gardner to support states’ rights to end cannabis prohibition, Sessions has previously rescinded the Obama Administration’s hands-off-state-regulated-cannabis

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Canopy Rivers Offering Up to One Million Dollars at the Vancouver ICBC

There are many great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the multi-billion-dollar Canadian cannabis industry, but the realities of legal commerce mandate that businesses maintain sufficient capital resources to effectively overcome the initial barriers to entry, startup costs, and regulatory hurdles of a highly regulated system. The burgeoning cannabis industry is also a very attractive market that pulls

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Aurora Buying MedReleaf in Biggest Cannabis Industry Deal Ever

Cannabis Plants

With Canada set to establish a multi-billion dollar cannabis industry that will rival, or maybe even surpass, the spirits and wine industries, companies are looking to consolidate to increase their market share and maximize profits. Expensive regulatory hurdles, limits on licenses, and the need to compete with the prices seen on the unregulated market can

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U.S. Cannabis Industry Bolstered by Supreme Court’s Gambling Ruling

Supreme Court

As a sports fan that likes to occasionally place a wager or two while I’m in Las Vegas, I was hoping that the United States Supreme Court would strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 that banned sports gambling, exempting Nevada and few other states’ betting systems. The Supreme Court took

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Canada Should Grant Amnesty for Cannabis Convictions

Canadian Parliament

Legalizing cannabis will bring more jobs, revenue, and freedom to Canada. Article after article has been written, and will continue to be written, about the economic benefits of cannabis commerce. Money talks in society and politicians, bureaucrats, and voters pay a lot of attention to the financial gains created by the burgeoning industry. However, for activists

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