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U.S. Farmers, Especially in Oregon and Kentucky, Look to Hemp

Cannabis gets most of the headlines, whether it is Canada ending prohibition, or GW Pharmaceuticals getting FDA approval for Epidiolex, medical use passing in the (very) conservative state of Oklahoma, or legalization supporters winning at the ballot box, but hemp has also made remarkable strides politically. After decades of seemingly* getting banned due to Reefer

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Senate Minority Leader Introduces Cannabis Descheduling Bill

US Capitol

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer shocked the political world when he announced that he would introduce a bill to end federal cannabis prohibition by descheduling marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances. Of course, Schumer decided to announce his evolution on cannabis policy on April 20th. Here’s what the New York Democrat wrote about

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Congratulations Million-Dollar Pitch Winner, Bella Vista Cannabis!

Canopy pitch winner

Negotiations are still underway as Bella Vista Cannabis has the potential to receive up to $1 million dollars in funding from Canopy Rivers, in collaboration with Canadian cannabis and hemp producer Canopy Growth. Bella Vista Cannabis founder Mike Mathews made his pitch to four “Micro Cannabis, Macro Impact” judges in front of a crowded Sheraton

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U.S. Needs to Change Cannabis Border Policy

border checkpoint

After a wonderful trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for an epic International Cannabis Business Conference, I heard a number of stories from Canadians about horror stories at the United States border. With Canada legalizing cannabis officially this October 17th, following the historic passage of the Cannabis Act, the U.S. needs to change its cannabis

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FDA Approves Epidiolex, It’s First Cannabis-Based Medicine

Cannabis plant

It was bound to happen eventually as the United States government couldn’t deny the medicinal benefits of the cannabis forever. While Uncle Sam had previously approved Drobinal, synthetic THC drug, GW Pharmaceutical’s Epidiolex is Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from the actual cannabis plant. The FDA’s approval of the epilepsy/seizure treatment is a somewhat complicated blessing and a

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After an Epic Event in Vancouver, the ICBC Returns to Portland

Rollins ICBC Vancouver

Henry Rollins brought people to their feet, Canadian industry experts shared their knowledge, Canopy Rivers selected a young company to fund, Civilized agreed to help market Bella Vista (who won Canopy’s “Micro Cannabis, Macro Impact” pitch competition), PRØHBTD Media shared branding tips, Netflix’s “Cooking on High” star Ngaio Bealum had the crowd laughing, and Del

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Del the Funky Homosapien Closes a Historic ICBC in Vancouver


After the conclusion of the first cannabis conference ever held in a country with a complete legalization law on the books, Vancouver International Cannabis Business Conference attendees will be packing the Studio Lounge and Nightclub at 919 Granville Street  for an exclusive performance by hip-hop legend Del the Funky Homosapien. (Bring your ICBC badges attendees!) The conference program

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