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Happy Independence Day from the ICBC!

Portland Oregon Fireworks

The International Cannabis Business Conference started just four years ago with the goal of bringing together business, politics, and culture in a way that would provide the cannabis community with the best information and networking possible and to help continue the momentum behind legalization. Underlying every ICBC has been the notion that we are fighting for

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Most Populous U.S. County Set to Legalize Cannabis Commerce


Licencing of cannabis businesses has been rather slow out of California since the state started accepting applications last December. The deliberate pace caused for early economic projections to be downgraded by some analysts, a rare occurrence thus far as most states have exceeded initial estimates. The California market is about to get a shot of adrenaline as

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U.S. Farmers, Especially in Oregon and Kentucky, Look to Hemp

Cannabis gets most of the headlines, whether it is Canada ending prohibition, or GW Pharmaceuticals getting FDA approval for Epidiolex, medical use passing in the (very) conservative state of Oklahoma, or legalization supporters winning at the ballot box, but hemp has also made remarkable strides politically. After decades of seemingly* getting banned due to Reefer

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Senate Minority Leader Introduces Cannabis Descheduling Bill

US Capitol

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer shocked the political world when he announced that he would introduce a bill to end federal cannabis prohibition by descheduling marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances. Of course, Schumer decided to announce his evolution on cannabis policy on April 20th. Here’s what the New York Democrat wrote about

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