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Trump AG Pick Vows to Respect State Cannabis Laws

DOJ Flag

William Barr, Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next Attorney General of the United States, has already faced a barrage of questions regarding some very controversial topics. Barr’s past support for draconian criminal justice policies is now out-of-step with a majority of Democrats and Republicans while Democrats are pressing Barr on his positions regarding the…

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Senior Cannabis Clubs in California Flourishing

Older cannabis user

Historically, older Americans have been the most skeptical demographic regarding cannabis legalization. While younger voters are still more likely to support ending prohibition, the times they are a-changin’ as senior citizens are more likely than ever to support legal cannabis and use the substance medicinally. A couple of senior citizens clubs in California are living examples…

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Congress, Send H.R. 420 to Donald Trump’s Desk!

U.S. House of Representatives

As the government shutdown rages on, our nation could use some bipartisanship. Of course, Democrats and Republicans disagree on whether a wall should be built on the United States’ Southern Border, and some 800,000 federal employees are really starting to pay the price, Donald Trump and Congress should embrace one issue that brings people across…

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Exclusive Interview: California Cannabis Czar Talks Regulation

Ending cannabis prohibition is a no-brainer whose time has come. It is obvious that cannabis prohibition is a costly failure that causes too much harm with racist and classist consequences. Regulating cannabis, however, is a much tougher job than just removing criminal penalties, as there isn’t a clear path to the best policies for any…

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Oregon Doesn’t Have Too Much Cannabis, U.S. Has Too Much Prohibition

Cannabis Plants

As the Oregon legislative session is set to begin, legislators will be contemplating whether to pass a bill that allows state-regulated growers the ability to export cannabis. The ability to export cannabis is desperately needed because the Beaver State has an overabundance of cannabis and the livelihood of many farmers are in danger as the…

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Oregon Should Legalize Cannabis Exports in 2019

Cannabis Plants

I interviewed longtime activist, Adam Smith of the Craft Cannabis Alliance, ahead of his appearance at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland last September, as he was working hard to line up support for a bill to allow Oregon cultivators to export across state lines. Smith told me: “Every month that we don’t open…

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Year One of Legal Cannabis Commerce in California Has Brought Challenges…and Opportunities

cannabis jars pipes

Opening up a licensed and regulated cannabis business is not a get-rich-quick venture, as many have likely found out. Getting into the cannabis industry is best left to those that truly love the cannabis plant and want to help improve the plight of the cannabis community. There are so many unique bureaucratic challenges facing the…

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Irish Farmers Next to Cultivate Medical Cannabis?

cannabis plant

Ireland’s medical cannabis program was approved two years ago, but the system has never been fully implemented as bureaucratic hurdles have hindered the ability to agree upon a foreign importer. Sensibly, Irish Health Minister Simon Harris has proposed that Irish farmers should cultivate cannabis for the Emerald Isle’s patients. The Irish Farmers Association (IFA), whose members…

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Donald Trump Signs Bill Legalizing Hemp, Will Cannabis Follow?

Hemp for Victory

As a government shutdown looms, there are many instances where our political discourse is greatly divided, but let’s not focus on what divides us at the moment, let’s celebrate something that unites us as a nation-hemp. It is fitting that hemp is one of the few bipartisan issues that brings together Democratic Senators from Oregon…

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California Cannabis Advocates Urge Legislators to Create State Bank

bank vault

Access to banking services remains one of the major obstacles placed in front of the burgeoning cannabis industry. While more banks and credit unions are doing business with state-regulated companies, there aren’t enough of them, and they are likely to impose hefty fines and requirements upon the businesses. Too many cannabis companies are forced to…

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