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Francis Ford Coppola Is the Latest Star to Join Cannabis Industry

Francis Ford Coppola Wines

Celebrities like Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and Snoop Dogg, that haven’t been shy about their love of cannabis aren’t shocking too many people when they join the cannabis industry. Musician Melissa Etheridge and former NBA great Clifford Robinson have been honest about their medical use, so they weren’t too surprising either. But the Oscar-winning director…

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Report: Global Cannabis Industry Could Soon Reach $194 Billion

International Business

When the International Cannabis Business Conference held its first event just over four years ago, not many were thinking about the global marijuana market. At that time, only two U.S. states had implemented legalization and Uruguay was still working out the details of its regulatory structure. An international event seemed a bit ahead of it’s…

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Cannabis-Based Epidiolex Now Available by Prescription

Tilray Cultivation Room

After decades of government propaganda and lies about the medical benefits of cannabis, the U.S. FDA approved the cannabis-based medicine Epidiolex last June and the DEA placed the drug in Schedule V (versus the restrictive Schedule I, still reserved for cannabis itself). GW Pharmaceuticals has now announced that Epidiolex is available to patients in need in…

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Medical Cannabis Likely Coming to America’s Heartland

Medical marijuana doctor

While full adult-use cannabis legalization laws garner most of the headlines and medical measures are seen as mundane no-brainers, medicinal cannabis is a literal lifesaver to many patients and it also sets the stage for further reforms in the coming years. While marijuana has gone mainstream, with about 2/3 of voters supporting legalization, America’s Heartland,…

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San Francisco Chronicle: Vote No on Local Cannabis Tax

Cannabis money

Voting to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis at the statewide ballot box is just a part of the political battle for the California cannabis community, and any state that has or will end prohibition within its borders. With strong support among voters across demographics, passing a legalization measure is much easier than implementing the most…

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Forbes: U.S. Cannabis Industry Learning from Canada

Eco Firma Farms

All eyes are on Canada as the nation deals with the ups and downs of implementing cannabis commerce regulations for the first time among G7 nations. While the jobs being created and new revenue generated are very welcome, in addition to the social justice benefits, no legalization regime is going to be without issues. Already,…

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Report: Australia’s Cannabis Industry Expected to Boom

Cannabis hemp leaf

Every locale that has legalized cannabis, be it medicinal use or full legalization for all adults, has created more jobs and revenue for their respective economies, as well as decreased needless and wasteful arrests and convictions. Most legalized jurisdictions have even experienced overall economic benefits that have exceeded initial estimates. Canadian policymakers obviously didn’t expect…

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Reuters: European Cannabis Market to Hit $450 Million by 2022

increase value

Legalization news coverage has rightfully been dominated by Canada lately as the world’s first G7 nation to allow regulated cannabis commerce has made history and boosted reform efforts in the United States and throughout the world. While the Great White North will certainly impact the federal cannabis legalization debate in the U.S., it shouldn’t be…

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Cannabis Shortage Forces Quebec Stores to Close 3 Days a Week

sold out sign

The demand for cannabis across Canada has been, well, high (no way to avoid that pun this Friday), surprising no one that has a lot of experience with the industry, but too many policymakers and regulators have been caught flat-footed. With too little of a supply and too few licensees, Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) outlets are closing its…

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