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Canadian Cannabis Companies Need Chefs, Brewers, and More

Canada Flag Cannabis

It’s already been reported that Canadian cannabis companies preparing for legalization later this year are recruiting skilled extractors and increasing the pay of cultivators. With reports that companies are making edibles, beer, and other infused products to hone their craft in preparation of regulated cannabis commerce, there are opportunities for food and beverage industry workers…

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National Review Conservative Backs the STATES Act

cannabis plant

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Theodore Kupfer, or any conservative, writing for the National Review supports cannabis legalization, especially a states’ rights position on the issue. After all, states’ rights’ is a traditional conservative political value and supporting legalization has never been more popular. National Review founder William F. Buckley supported ending marijuana…

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Canadian Cannabis Company Aphria Hiring Extractors

BHO Extract

Recently, Cannabis At Work’s business report detailed the rising salaries for cannabis cultivators in Canada, with quality assurance personnel making an average salary of CA$91,300 and master growers pulling in about CA$79,700. The increased demand (and increased pay) for growers makes sense as companies currently licensed to serve medical patients gear up for the increased…

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Canadian House Protects Cannabis Home Grows and Branding

Canada House of Commons

When we cannabis legalization advocates were celebrating the Canadian Senate’s vote to end federal prohibition, we had some big problems with a few amendments, namely a provision that would allow provinces to ban home cultivation and another that would outlaw marijuana businesses from branding their companies on products such as t-shirts and caps. Fortunately, Canada’s…

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GOP Senate Justice Department Bill Protects Medical Cannabis

US capitol

Cannabis legalization supporters were understandably displeased when Donald Trump appointed Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General as the former Alabama senator has a long history of Reefer Madness and supporting the escalation of the failed and racist Drug War. While there are many reasons to oppose plenty of AG Session’s policies, it is clear that…

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PRØHBTD Building Cannabis Brands at the ICBC after $8M Raise

PRØHBTD, a media startup that has helped bring cannabis brands, and the culture overall, into the mainstream has just announced a successful $8 million fundraise to continue helping cannabis businesses while also producing its own original content. While PRØHBTD’s focus is the cannabis culture, the media company has expanded beyond just cannabis, creating unique cultural…

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U.S. Mayors Call for Descheduling, Form New Coalition


The United States Conference of Mayors, a nonpartisan organization representing cities with populations of 30,000 or more, has called for the federal descheduling of cannabis as well as other policy reforms. In addition to calling for sensible changes to U.S. marijuana laws, a coalition was formed to work towards needed reforms as well. From Michael…

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Cannabis Cultivators’ Wages Rise in Canada

Canadian flag with cannabis leaves

The cannabis industry is a hot jobs market, especially in Canada as the country is set to legalize commerce later this summer. The competition among companies is tough, but the need for skilled workers is needed and ending prohibition has proven to be a jobs creator. As the marijuana market moves mainstream and adapts, there…

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