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House Committee Considering Cannabis Banking & D.C. Commerce Monday

U.S. Congress

As the United States moves step by step towards ending federal cannabis prohibition, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government will hear some sensible provisions next week. Two proposals that are common sense to most people have a good chance of passage after years of obstruction from previous congressional leadership: allowing state-regulated…

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Canadian Cannabis Infused Edibles and Products to Be a $2.7 Billion Market

Canadian flag with Capitol

Like a lot of places that have legalized regulated cannabis commerce, Canada has experienced some growing pains. The transition from a medical market into an adult-use one has difficult for small businesses and farmers while bureaucratic regulatory hurdles have stifled the supply chain, limiting the number of retail outlets that have been able to open….

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France Moves Towards Medical Cannabis Trial Program

France Map

Progressive cannabis law reforms have been moving forward around the globe and Europe has certainly been a hotbed of activity. However, while many nations across the continent, including the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, among others, have been helping lead the international cannabis community, France has been one nation that has been behind the…

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Watch the 2019 ICBC Zurich Video!

Dana Rohrabacher and crowd

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) finished off its 2019 European trek with a team-up with CannaTrade in Zurich, Switzerland. Immediately establishing itself as the top business-to-business (B2B) cannabis industry event in Switzerland, ICBC Zurich exceeded everyone’s expectations and the entire ICBC team is excited to return to Switzerland next year to build upon this…

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Illinois Legislature Passes Cannabis Legalization! Poised to Be Number 11.

Chicago Ben

The Illinois Legislature made history today becoming the second state legislative body to pass a bill repealing cannabis prohibition, joining the great state of Vermont. However, Illinois went one step further than the Green Mountain State by also legalizing regulated cannabis commerce. The historic piece of legislation now heads to Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker’s desk…

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Cannabis Companies Lobby the FDA to Fully Legalize CBD


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen CBD products on the shelves. You’ve probably even heard folks talk about using CBD that you normally wouldn’t suspect, like older relatives or your local postal worker, stating how the cannabinoid eases their arthritic pain or alleviates their anxiety, helping them sleep better. Iconic local businesses,…

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The Meteoric Rise of the Mary Jane Berlin Hemp Fair and Festival

Mary Jane Berlin

We here at the International Cannabis Business Conference have experienced the dramatic rise of the cannabis community in Germany firsthand and we are not alone. One of our allies, Mary Jane Berlin, producing one of Europe’s top hemp events has also been apart of the explosion of cannabis into the German mainstream. Mary Jane Berlin…

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Former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Joins Cannabis Company Board

Dana Rohrabacher

Former Orange County Republican Dana Rohrabacher, fresh off the heels of his keynote address at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Zurich, has just announced that he is joining the board of BudTrader.com. Rohrabacher joins a growing list of former elected officials including past Speaker of the House John Boehner and Democratic Senate Majority Leader…

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Republican Senators Hopeful for Passage of Cannabis Banking Act

Whether you favor legalization or not, you should support allowing state-regulated cannabis businesses to access banking services. Forcing companies to be cash-only endangers public safety and encourages tax evasion. Even if you are anti-cannabis, surely you want cannabis retailers, producers, and processors to pay their tax burden and only a sociopath would want to encourage…

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