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United States Congress Held Historic Hearing on Cannabis Legalization Today


The cannabis legalization movement has made tremendous strides over the last two decades, creating a patchwork of legal states and federal policies that have allowed medical and adult-use programs to proceed, creating jobs, generating revenue, and increasing freedom for patients and consumers. However, as everyone in the industry knows, federal laws remain a serious obstacle

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United States Congress Putting Pressure on the FDA to Regulate Cannabis


Last year’s federal farm bill was a landmark achievement that legalized cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp, setting in motion the first Food and Drug Administration hearing on “products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds.” While the FDA’s hearing wasn’t officially limited to the regulation of CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid took center stage at the hearing and

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U.S. Cannabis Sales Projected to Hit $30 Billion by 2024!


With more and more states ending cannabis prohibition, it isn’t surprising to know that legal sales are increasing rather rapidly in the United States. Most states have seen revenue numbers higher than initial estimates, as legalization has created thousands of jobs and added millions to states’ coffers. California’s cautious rollout of licenses, combined with relatively

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Ireland Announces Launch of Medical Cannabis Program

Flag of Ireland

In 2016, an Irish toddler became the first legal medical cannabis patient in Ireland after his parent successfully acquired authorization from Minister of Health Simon Harris to utilize a cannabis oil to treat the two year-old’s epilepsy. Cannabis oil dramatically halted the child’s seizures, which occurred twenty times a day before using medicinal cannabis. That

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French Government-Tasked Commission Urges Cannabis Legalization

French Flag

Everyone can see that cannabis policy reforms have been advancing around the free world and Europe is certainly a hotbed of activity as progressive policies have been enacted in nation after nation, with the momentum for legalization only gaining strength. One nation that has lagged behind is France, somewhat surprisingly to outsiders, as the country

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Switzerland’s Federal Council Moves to Fully Legalize Medical Cannabis

Switzerland Flag

Switzerland has been relatively progressive on cannabis, including the legalization of cannabis with no more than 1% THC, one of the reasons the International Cannabis Business Conference teamed up with CannaTrade to hold a conference in Zurich this year. However, the Swiss medical program has been far too restrictive, forcing patients to get special authorization

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Canada Brings in $186 Million in Tax Revenue as Sales Continue to Increase

Canadian flag cannabis leaf

It’s no secret that cannabis sales in Canada have gotten off to a relatively slow start as the government has taken a rather conservative, cautious approach to licensing, as government officials’ public safety concerns have been given top priority. Regulatory hurdles have hindered efforts to open up brick and mortar stores, caused supply chain issues,

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Full-Time U.S. Cannabis Jobs to Top 175,000, Increasing 34%, in 2019


Earlier this week, an economic report projected global cannabis sales to increase to 36% in 2019, with dramatic growth expected over the next five years, thanks to an expansion of existing markets and future ones not open just yet. That new business growth is good for companies, investors, consumers, tax collectors, and employees. Not surprisingly,

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