Author: Amber Iris Langston

US-Canada flags together

Canada’s Cannabis Legalization Saved; Medical Protected in the U.S. for Now

Yesterday we wrote to you about the long and ugly process of creating policy, and the indispensable role advocacy and activism play in making sure the law works for the people. (In the case of cannabis, prohibition sucks and it has taken many years to get this far!) Today, I am happy to report...

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Critical Vote Today in Canada’s Parliament Impacts Cannabis Legalization

One thing I hear a lot from newcomers to the cannabis world, is “legalization is inevitable.” It’s a phrase that makes anyone who has spent much time fighting the battle to change cannabis laws cringe and gnash their teeth. Policy is slow and messy and time-consuming. It...

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US-Canada flags together

Prohibition Problems at the US-Canada Border for Non-Cannabis Industries

While the US lags behind Canada and other countries moving toward more friendly federal cannabis policies, some are predicting a negative impact on other international trade between the two countries. Not only is the US ceding billions of dollars in annual revenue for the global cannabis market,...

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