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Water Quality Oversight Comes to California’s Cannabis Market

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On Tuesday, California’s State Water Board announced a strict new water policy for the Golden State’s exploding cannabis cultivation in attempt to create environmental standards to guide the immense growth expected over coming years in the industry. According to Patch.com: “The new Cannabis Cultivation Policy establishes statewide requirements that will be implemented through a water…

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Social Media Companies Love and Hate the Cannabis Community

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To say that cannabis entrepreneurs face unique changes in the marketplace could be an understatement. (It definitely is an understatement.) But the truth is, until we fix federal prohibition cannabis businesses are going to subject to arbitrary decisions from major companies in the “legal” marketplace. Btw, “legal” is not a meaningful term in this context….

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Landmark Cannabis Intellectual Property Case Settled

Beginning in December, getting high on Gorilla Glue is going to be a really terrible idea. This week, The Gorilla Glue Co. and GG Strains LLC reached a settlement for a major lawsuit claiming trademark infringement against a Nevada-based cannabis company. The long-established global adhesives manufacturing company, The Gorilla Glue Co., initiated the lawsuit in…

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California Cannabis Advisory Committee Announced

Cannabis hemp leaf

The California Department of Consumer Affairs announced appointments to a new committee created under the Bureau of Cannabis Control. The committee will assist in the development of rules and regulations for the 2018 roll-out of a legal adult-use cannabis market in the Golden State, emphasizing public health and safety, and reduction of illegal commerce. “The…

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Alaskan Cannabis Prohibitionists Lose Again

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Take note America – cannabis is here to stay. Last night Alaska voters in small communities reaffirmed at the ballot box a number of strong American values – civil liberties, social justice, economic pragmatism, and plain old common sense. Citizens in the city of Fairbanks, its neighbor Fairbanks North Star Borough and areas on the…

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Regulatory Hurdles Hurting Canadian Cannabis Oil Market

Canada flag map

Onerous regulations appear to be negatively impacting the cannabis business growth in Canada. Specifically, current organizational structures may be too strict to allow production to meet demand for cannabis oils and extracts. While the number of applications for cannabis licensing continues to climb, many entrepreneurs are skipping the step of extraction, presumably in a move…

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California Insurance Commissioner Announces Major Commercial Carrier to Cover Cannabis


California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones takes his job very seriously. Purportedly, he is one of only two persons at the state capitol building in Sacramento who is allowed to carry a gun. I’m not exactly sure why the insurance commissioner needs a gun, so let’s just go with “he takes his job very seriously.” In…

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Canadian Courts Could Strike Down Cannabis Monopolies

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Jodie Giesz-Ramsay, known to many as Jodie Emery, co-owner of Cannabis Culture magazine and its associated businesses based in Vancouver, BC, is mounting an effort to challenge some of the provisions in Canada’s new adult-legalization law, known as The Cannabis Act, which is scheduled to go into effect in July 2018. Specifically, Giesz-Ramsay alleges that…

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Study Shows Danger of Heating Butane Hash Oil Over 750 Degrees


Concentrates, extractions, infusions – call them what you will – many entrepreneurs in the cannabis space are hedging their bets to play in, if not dominate, that sector of the new market. For decades Americans developed a history of consuming cannabis almost entirely in flower form. But with the liberalization of the plant from prohibition…

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