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Legal Cannabis is Coming to the United States…Soon

United States

They say when it rains it pours. In tandem with crazy weather patterns affecting populations across the globe, the cannabis industry is starting to see some precipitation after decades of prohibition-induced drought. Earlier this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an open public comment period asking citizens to weigh in on opinions

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Anti-Cannabis Conservatives Seek U.S. Help to Stop Legalization in Canada, the ICBC to Have the Latest

US-Canada flags together

Three Canadian Conservative Party senators who are charged with assisting the transition to legal cannabis for adult-use in their country this summer are looking for help in the US, presumably in an attempt to hold back the coming tide of legalization. Once Pandora’s box is open and legal recreational sales begin in Canada, they know

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German Judge Delays Cannabis Production Licensing Program, Good News for Canadian Exporters

Indoor garden

Germany’s medical cannabis program is one of the top programs in the world. Patients can be prescribed cannabis by their doctors and insurance covers the cost. However, availability can be lacking compared to other markets and the prices remain high because all of the cannabis must be imported from countries like Canada and The Netherlands. Cultivation

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Canada’s Namaste Technologies Seeking to Be the “Amazon of Cannabis”


Yesterday I told you about a company striving to be the “Starbucks of Cannabis”, and today I bring you another industry start-up – this one aspiring to be the “Amazon of Cannabis”. Canadian-based business Namaste Technologies Inc. is already a force to be reckoned with. Currently operating in 20 different countries over various different websites,

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Can Chalice Farms Become the Starbucks of Cannabis?

Chalice Farms

There are a lot of borrowed names in the cannabis industry when one fancies themselves to be important. (For example, I have heard more than one person in the industry don the self-appointed moniker “the Martha Stewart of Marijuana”. Let’s be honest – this is ridiculous as clearly Martha Stewart is the Martha Stewart of

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