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Attend CannaPortugal On May 19th And 20th

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It is a truly historic era right now for cannabis policy, industry, and research, particularly on the European continent. Adult-use legalization is receiving significant attention in Europe right now, and understandably so. However, there’s currently far more going on with the continent’s emerging legal cannabis industry than just the push to legalize adult-use sales.

Europe’s legal medical cannabis industry continues to make strides at the national level, and ‘cannabis light’ is a sector of the industry that is growing in popularity. Products focused on hemp-derived CBD and lesser-known cannabinoids continue to enter the space as well.

All the while laws are being reformed, rules and regulations are being implemented, and consumer and patient trends continue to evolve. With so much going on in Europe’s cannabis industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the best and most timely information.

The CannaPortugal International Hemp and Cannabis Expo will take place on May 19th and 20th at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa/Junqueira and we are encouraging people that are serious about the cannabis industry to consider attending. The event will bring hundreds of investors and specialists from more than a dozen countries together in a single space, in addition to featuring exhibitors and celebrities from the cannabis research and economic sectors.

“This is an event with established credits, in Lisbon, which aims to disseminate scientific knowledge, add value and accompany the expansion of the hemp sector, in particular, and cannabis, in general, as well as to reinforce the entire production process, without forgetting the positive impact that cannabis activity has in the field of human rights, quality of life, health, sustainability of the planet and economic development.” event organizers stated in a press release.

CannaPortugal integrates several initiatives, with a view to different professional areas and audiences. In addition to the Fair component of the event, with close to a hundred companies and national and international projects, the Expo integrates a B2B (business to business) program.

Additionally, CannaPortugal will feature professional workshops, to be carried out by specialist trainers in the area of ​​cannabis medicine, including:

  • Dr. Tanja Bagar, Slovenia
  • Dr. Neuza Fernandes, Brazil
  • Dr. Rafael Traldi, Brazil
  • Hugo Monteiro, Portugal
  • Chef Luís Pimenta, Portugal

CannaPortugal will also feature debates and round tables, with renowned national and international speakers, including:

  • Luna Stower, USA
  • Marcelo De Vita Grecco, Brazil
  • Del HendriXson, USA
  • João Taborda Gama, Portugal
  • Peter Homberg, Germany
  • Marcelo Demp, Paraguay
  • Elad Kaspin, Israel-Portugal
  • Maria Lourdes Serpa, USA
  • Giocomo Bulleri, Italy
  • Maren Krings, Germany
  • Sofia Fernandes, Portugal
  • Pedro Anastácio, Portugal
  • Bozidar Radisic, Slovenia
  • Carlos Beltrão, Spain
  • Neuza Fernandes, Brazil
  • Grant M. Saxena, USA
  • André Fajardo, Brazil
  • Eric Boone, USA
  • Francisco Almeida Ferraz, Portugal
  • Mila Jansen, Holand
  • Rita Oliveira, Portugal
  • Maurício Galvão, Brazil
  • Aimée- Aimée A. Drouin, USA
  • Carla Da Silva, Canada

The Expo also includes a wide range of innovative cultural activities, including the Global Cannabis Awards to honor personalities, countries, and projects that have contributed to the advancement of the cannabis industry around the globe.

Also, the event will include the HempAction Cannabis Fashion Show by GreenFits and Neuron Bonus with the participation of Weedog (Brazil) Cannabis Holistic Therapeutic Center. There will also be the Cannabis Art Space, a Media Center for the media and influencers, the Enthronement of the Confraria Internacional Cannabis Portugal, a Car Exhibition with hemp components, a Cannabis Food and Drinks Court, as well as music by Carlota Barros, vocalist of Telefonia.

CannaPortugal will be open on May 19th and 20th from 10am to 8pm. On May 21st, CannaPortugal participants and visitors will be offered a special tour of the capital – “Lisbon Cannabis Historical Tour” – which aims to explore the relationship between Portugal and the traditional cultivation of hemp in the country.

You can find out more about CannaPortugal and purchase tickets at:

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