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Apply To Pitch To Cannabis Investors At The Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference

Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference

Being an entrepreneur and pursuing your business dreams is a very exciting thing to do. Yes, it involves long hours and a lot of sacrifices, but for many people, the pursuit of business success on their own terms is well worth it.

That is especially true for entrepreneurs in the emerging cannabis industry. In addition to the standard thrill that comes with working to launch an idea or grow a small business, the cannabis industry adds an extra layer of excitement.

By most measures, the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, and the room for industry growth is substantial. 

The thought of getting in early in what is likely to eventually become one of the largest industries on earth is very appealing, which is why so many people are scrambling to get into the cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry involves a lot of moving parts and unique stresses, however, if you ask aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs what is the biggest issue they face, they almost always say the same thing – meeting investors.

Obtaining an investment at the right time for the right amount can literally be the difference between a cannabis company launching into the industry stratosphere or fizzling out.

For cannabis entrepreneurs that are looking for an investment (which is probably 99% of entrepreneurs), there’s a great opportunity to pitch your idea(s).

The Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference is coming up March 30-April 1, and will feature a pitch contest. Emerge is partnering with cannabis business social network Leafwire and cannabis sustainability fund Regennabis to offer the pitch contest.

You can sign up online here, and also find out more about what the pitch contest involves, including important dates..

In addition to the pitch contest, the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference will feature a number of speakers and presentations, with the virtual event focusing on cultivation and sustainability.

The Emerge Conference is the cannabis industry’s only virtual reality event and is packed with unique offerings. For instance, virtual conference attendees get to create their own avatars and explore the conference’s dynamic and immersive virtual reality world.

The truly savvy attendees can (maybe) figure out a hack for a virtual smoke sesh on the platform! To find out more about the virtual event, it’s speakers, and agenda check out Emerge’s website.

emerge virtual cannabis conference